Global Fashion Battle Paris and The Fashion/ Tech Conundrum

After the exciting thing I mention in my last post, I was ready to make a change. The Anrealage show really inspired me in so many ways. I never really considered how Fashion and technology are intertwined. Of course, we are far off from the prospects of Marty McFly’s auto lace-up boots and self-drying jackets, but we might not be that far off. Anrealage showed me that textiles themselves do not have to be digital to be influenced by modern advancements in the tech world.

marty mcfly,back to the future:

Anrealage continues to really push the way their collections are seen each season. The last show held at the Palais de Tokyo actually requested that you used flash photography during the show in order to properly see the garments. In short, the fabric was manipulated to show a different image in the picture. It was seriously interesting, and it definitely felt like a comment on today’s obsession with Instagram and of-the-moment documenting. Why not make clothes that look different online than they do in real life? Check out the show below:

Anyway, last Fall their was also the first Fashion/ Tech week in Paris. It was a small affair, but it was very informative as well. They had panels all week long about the influence of tech in fashion from innovative textiles to smart objects. The fashion world has plenty to catching up to do, but the Apple x Hermes project seems like a start. In all honesty, I am not sure I would wear one myself; I feel more drawn towards the textile side of things. However, business is business and smart objects see no sign of slowing down quite yet.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t think it has a long road ahead of itself either. I think fashion is slow to embrace technology for many reasons. There has yet to be one item or trend that has really been embraced by the industry. It will be cool to see how the two work (or not work) together over the next few years.

1st Fashion & Tech Week Paris

At the end of the week, there was a Google start-up weekend where people gather with the intention to create a business in the weekend. It was such an incredible experience, and I think I learned more about business and entrepreneurship in a few days than I have in years. In the end, the team I was on ended up winning the event! It even went on to win the big “global fashion battle” in Poland later that year. The idea is an app called Clother, and it just released on Android. Basically, its “menswear crowd currated by women.” Guys can use it get advice on what to wear via opinions from woman which I think is a great idea. I might not be working on it anymore, but I think it has plenty of potential. Check it out and the 3D printed trophy that was given to the winning team:

Earlier that same week I went to a French beauty awards party for bloggers. It was pretty cool to see brands accept awards that were voted on by the public. In addition to getting beauty treatments before the event, there was an open bar and all the products available to take home for those selected. Let’s just say I walked away with almost 400 euro worth of product. Check out Victoires de la Beaute if you want to see what they are all about.

JCG_3852 JCG_3809 DSC_5421

Overall, that one week really did save me. If it had not been for the blogger party, the Vogue thing, Anrealage and winning the start-up weekend, then I might have been lost for good. I was heading down a path of doing nothing and not wanting anything. I was so close to giving up on Paris and everything I had worked towards. It had been a rough 6 months at that point, but this was when everything turned around and changed for me. Sometimes you just have to pay attention to the signs, and I took it at face value that I had to make a change. Today, I am currently enrolled in grad school, and I couldn’t be happier. However, that will be a story for another time. xx




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