That One Time My Instagram Picture Ended Up on

Behind is not even a word I could use to describe my blog at the moment. It is more like the super past that I never got around to finishing. I have several posts I wrote over the past year, but I forgot about them as I have had such a crazy, incredible year. In short, I always meant to publish the following, but I never got around to it. 2015 has been the absolte best, but I should probably start where I left off. SO, here is one post I wrote a year ago, but I never got around to posting:


I left you all hanging by a thread as to what I was talking about in the last post. That was one whole season ago at the end of Spring 2015’s fashion week. Now, Autumn 2015 has just ended, and one might think I live by these dates. I will start where I left off, and do my best to catch up!

That week was just crazy amazing as I had a huge French beauty blogger awards party, it was fashion week, and it was the first Google fashion startup weekend in Paris. I will get to those later, but first ANREALAGE.

I was invited to this unassuming show I did not give much thought about. It was at the Palais de Beaux Arts, and I find events held at this venue are less prestigious. I had never heard of the designer, but my invite arrived. I went to the show, and it started off fairly normal. Then the models started to line up in front of heat lamps overlapping their limbs against each other. They stood there for 30 seconds as  the lights blazed, and the crowd gasped when they walked away. In short, their silhouettes had been printed onto the garments. It was crazy, and I have never seen anything like it.

The final piece featured two models standing in front of a laser wearing a plain white shift dress. The laser then drew across the textile, and my mouth was open the entire process. It was honestly one of the most incredible fashion shows I have ever seen. I was smiling so big during the whole thing, and I was even interviewed on the way out (in French! eek!). I realize that tech and fashion are the future of the industry; it was like a big DING went off in my head. More on that later. Here is the show in its entirety:

It was amazing to the say the least. I posted a shot I took on my Instagram, and I went to the opening night for the Paris Global Fashion Battle via Google Startup Weekend. The whole weekend was dedicated to making a start-up in weekend, and I learned more than I ever thought possible (more on that later!).

Anyway, I get home, and I see a post from about the day’s fashion shows. I click on the page and I see a familiar looking photograph. It was obviously from Anrealage, and it even looked like it was taken from the same angle as mine. Then, I looked closer, and I realized it was my photo! I nearly died, and that was just the beginning to the week that changed my perspective on things when I needed it the most. It might not have any significance in the real world, but I take it as a serious sign that I should to continue on a path towards working in fashion and tech. Who knows where it could lead?



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