Life Lately

So, the past several months have been nothing but… interesting to say the least. I don’t want to say they have been the worst and OMG I WHY CANT THINGS JUST GO MY WAY because then I would be a complainer. I try not to be a complainer, but life really is not ideal at the moment.

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I have had some fun times since April, but it is just not the same. I know people take their own time to grieve and that it never really leaves you because you have to learn how to carry it. I am just so ready to be done with it. I am tired of ugly crying and being mad all the time. It does not help that certain people have been less than helpful when so many other have. I am thankful for at least for those that have been there for me and S. I am so incredibly grateful that words will never be able to express that gratitude.  

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France has not been that nice to me upon my return either. I was so excited to go back and ready to be in my tiny shoe box once again. Of course, the day I arrived I was looking through my mail and I saw that a certified letter had come. I went to the post office to retrieve the letter, and I saw it was from the prefecture. In so many words, my visa was rejected. It took an entire year for them to tell me this. It was just another slap in the face after the worst month of my life. 

Long story short, I have talked to lawyers and experts in foreigner law, and I am fighting it. The lawyers tole me I was given the wrong visa to begin with and that I should have been told that at the prefecture the last time around. Things are never straight forward in this country, and I can only hope that it is reversed. I will know in the next couple of months if I can stay or not. If I cannot, then I will have to go home and reapply for a visa. I wanted to get a masters anyway, and this is just probably how it will need to be done. 

If things do not work out, then I suppose I will move back to the U,S. I could do the travel thing or move to Australia or Italy or England or any other country really. I just know that I am getting to a point where I want a career and set down roots. I have not traveled in so long, and I miss it. I just do not think I can leave the country for the time being…

Your ONE life

I am sure  I have posted this before, but I love it, Its so colorful, and I am in need of some serious inspiration at the moment. So, here is my current Pinterest obsessions: 

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3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Taylor, I am praying for you. I know that can sound trite, but I really am. God is my go to. He really does care. I do, too.
    He has big wonderful plans for you~ Trust me, I just know it!
    Take life one day at a time & don’t forget to celebrate the small things!
    Love you,

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