The Year of the Horse and PFW S/S 2014 Part Deux

Oh dears, I have all but neglected my little blog.  Life has just gotten in the way, and I am so behind its not even funny. Christmas, New Year, my birthday, PFW, and so much more has come and gone since last November. There are even things from last February I never wrote about. I will get to them eventually as I do want to record them, but I really have no idea where to start!

I guess I am starting over on a new years of sorts as the Chinese NY was this weekend. Its also the year of the horse, my favorite animal. I never know what I am as I was born in January. I always thought I was a dragon until I realized the Chinese NY might have fallen after my birthday that year making me a hare. I think I would rather be a dragon.

Anyway. I have a feeling this will be a good year. It has started off fairly decently as I just booked a job writing reviews of restaurants in Paris! This is exactly the sort of thing I want to be doing. I would for this to turn into a full time thing in addition to travel writing and fashion blogging for other people.

If I have not explained it before, I am a freelance copywriter. Everything I write is for other companies that need content for their advertisements, websites, blogs etc.  I won’t lie- it can be difficult to do living in Paris. Work is not consistent, especially during the holidays and early part of the year. However, its beginning to pick up. It is also one of the only things I can do that lets me live abroad. I often wonder what I would do if I went back to America as I have never had a real full time job based in an office. I think I do miss out on the community aspect of working in a real job, but freelancing lets me live abroad even if I am poor as a church mouse at the moment.

However, the great thing about Paris is that there are so many free things to do in this city! You could honestly go for days exploring the museums, parks, or monuments. I guess the poor bohemians and artistes of the 1920’s knew what they were doing by living here. So, why not me too?!

"We would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright"
This is supposed to be about Paris. I’ve never read it as I am not the biggest Hemingway fan, and I want to wait until I no longer live here to read it. I think that is when I will need it the most. But, one of my favorite quote’s about living in this city come from the book:Paris 1920s           
                                                                                 “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”
                                                                             Actually, looking at the quotes in this book, I am going to have to read it now. Expect a book report soon.
YvonImage Title:    Eiffel Tower - ParisYear:    c. 1920s
I think Paris of the 1920’s is waayy over romanticized i.e. Midnight in Paris. Yeah, it was prob, really amazing and fun like 1960’s London. However, I kind of like the age we are in. It has its problems, but what generation didn’t?

Anyway, were to begin? Perhaps last year is the best place to start. Many of my pictures are on my external which is at home…. I was not smart leaving it. Um, so perhaps I will start back with last fall’s fashion week. Here is some street art to separate from this part of the post:

I think this is the cutest pillow in the whole world. But, I would probably ruin it + its like 234567643 USD.

OK so PFW part Deux:

The next show I went to….was something I cannot be bothered to look up. I am sorry, but I deleted old emails and the invitation was in there. But, the event was cool and the clothes were futuristic/ alien looking which I am seeing more and more on the runway. Again, following are the best pictures in the world taken by the most talented photographer in the city!!!

They had cool braid things on their heads that looked like horns. Once again, I was stuck in the second row- which is till better than plebeians standing!!!!

My last show of the season was Collette Dinigan, and Australian designer. I think it must be to  this day my favorite show I have ever seen in person. Each piece was incredible and gorgeous, and I wanted to take them all home with me. I arrived on time only to be scared half to this peeking out at me as I entered the passage:

I think it was the back entrance to the wax museum- eee! Anyway, Janice Dickenson was there filming her reality show and she barged in front of everyone. SO, the show was held in this beautiful mirrored, gilded room. Before the show, there was a breakfast by Bernard. I got like maybe 5 cappuccinos before the show actually started and I was seated in second row again.

and guess who I sat behind!!! She was very loud. I wish my pictures did the clothes justice, but I am afraid they do not!

Everything was just so girly and feminine with glitter, bows, and ruffles. I loved it all incredibly much. Of course, if you squint, perhaps you can tell the details.

OMG looking at these pictures for the first time in a long time, I realize I am even worse than I thought:

It is almost comical if it weren’t really sad.

I wore a LBD with a long hippie crochet vest thing and my vintage box purse, nothing too extravagant. I was just sad my pictures…. turned out so beautifully.

My brother gave me the box purse for my 25th birthday. Its one of my favorite things. We has been in an antique store and I pointed to it off offhandedly saying I liked it. Then, I happened to open it up on my b-day!

Ok, I lied. One more thing before I finish this monster post. I went to a “fashion show party” at the Standard right near my house. They showed a collection, but it was more like “models” wandering around the bar. I use the term models very loosely. Anyway, it was fun to see and dress up for the night!

All right, enough is enough. I am finally done with S/S PFW just in time for the next one.


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