Second Row Woe’s: My Fashion Week Part Une

So cute! Why don’t they still make posters??

So… Paris Fashion Week is in full motion this week and next. I have not been as active as normal because I was lazy about sending out my emails…. as in only this past Monday when I normally do it like a month in advance. As a result, I missed out on some bigger shows I would gave liked to go to like I did last year! Tant pis!

Anyway, the first show I went to was Guy Laroche at the Grand Palais. I was going to wear a dress, tights, and my new boots, but the amazing weather kept me from doing so as it was too hot and sunny (in September in Paris no less!). The collection was nice, but it made me appreciate Haute Couture week sooooo much more than pret-a-porter (ready to wear). HC week is just much more elaborate because the clothes are more like art than anything else. Look at my previous posts for more ideas of what I mean.

Anyway, it was very black and white with little shots of yellow. The silhouettes were boxy with a little waves in the skirts thanks to the neoprene like material. Not my cup of tea as I have never really jumped on the neoprene as sportswear trend, but I am sure it is someone’s! There were some amazing fringe pieces, though, that I loved.  The models’ hair was stick straight and makeup was quite minimal for a fresh spring look that I liked.

This is probably one of the best pictures I have taken for runway shows! It probably helps that the model is extremely photogenic!

This show you could pretty much sit anywhere….. but, the first row, I decided my best bet for pictures (alas, they suck quite as usual!) was the corner of a second row. Unfortunately, the people in charge made me scoot from my corner to make room for mote people. Heads were all in my way hence my second row woes.

The next thing I went to was a presentation for Sandrine, The clothes were really intricate and nice (again black and white!)  but I find presentations a bit boring even if there is champagne, and you have a chance to see the clothes up close. I prefer the excitement to an actual show.

SO, today I went to a presentation at La Maison de l’Amerique Latine in a wonderful “hotel” mansion on Saint Germain.

This one had quite a crowd and I arrived late. I knew I was not going to get a good seat because I was literally like the last person in line, but I quickly realized that this was another presentation! Now, if you must do one, then it needs to be like this one: held at a fancy house, violins playing, and drinks pouring! A crowd wandered through the gardens and back rooms as they admired the collection. It was quite nice, but again black and white ruled the color palette for their Spring collection! I hope this trend is not going to be serious after the glorious winter pastels I have seen this season!

This little dress was one of my favorite!

The following were the gardens and the violins!

Seriously, I could have spent all day in the garden reading WWD, but I realized I couldn’t stay forever. I chatted with some people and drank my Diet Coke after wandering the gardens. As I was heading out, I decided to take advantage of le toilet. As I opened the door to the women’s bathroom, who else but Andre Leon Talley was walking out of a stall- kind of turtle to say the least.

ALT was a former Editor at Large at Vogue, and he actually has been one of the biggest supporters of Martin Grant because he proceeded to talk Naomi Campbell into modeling in one of his first shows for free several years ago!

My only complaint was that I decided to go super casual and wear jeans. I seem to have lost all my dresses as I have been on such a jean kick for the last year that I really have no transitional dresses. I felt wayyyyy too casual for an event like this, but Oh well! There were other people in jeans, but I just felt too “everyday” in my outfit choice. I will definitely be dressing up for the rest of the events!

et Voila! The Grand Palais after the show!