In Other News + Oh Shift! A Classic




Seriously, I have not clue how professional bloggers do this multiple times a day. I guess it is their job so they have to do it… and maybe because I write for a living, my own blog takes a back seat. But, seriously the work hours they must sit in front of their computer makes me nervous. How do they live to create their new content? It blows my mind sometimes.

Anyway, I have loads to talk about and discuss, but my pictures are not uploading….so, I am stuck with my words. I do not really want to write about something I have done without illustrating it properly!

So, just a quick update! My visa renewal process is… coming. Its really hard, and I have been planing for options B1 to Z 3456432. I just hope something works in between. I will write more on it as I know more, but for the moment I am just tired of thinking about it.

Ummmmmmm…. I cannot think of anything else too exciting to write about atm. My Philip Lim from Target is on its way, fashion week is next week, I plan on writing for an Australian online magazine about it. More on that next week when it is more relevant.

Vogue Fashion Night Out was tonight in Paris. It was an interesting experience that I hope not to repeat. It was not bad per say, but it was pouring rain and there were waaaayyyy too many people. I got free drinks and things though, so I was satisfied. But, I would prefer to dedicate a more proper post with pictures to that monstrosity. I am just annoyed at fashion people at the moment. Why does everything have to be so hyped and pretentious? Why can’t people just appreciate the clothes and details without posing for stupid street style pictures of every freaking corner!!??!! That is all.



God love Susie Menkes. I adore her, really I do. I want her career too. I mean, hello? Fashion editor for the Herald Tribune, yes please! Anyway, I recently re-read an article from hers that she wrote back during the last fashion week in the spring. This woman just knows the industry and hits the nail on the head. The fashion circus is starting to drive me crazy in all perspectives from blogs to real life.

I have stated it before, but I really just do not go “all out” for PFW. I prefer to wear my uniform of black dresses, tweed coats, and pearls. Simple, but classic. I know some people might think that is boring, but I am not there to be photographed. I do not want to wear a record on my head or an ostrich for a dress. Now, if I were Anna Della Russo, I would dress like her too if I were a Vogue editor with access to those sorts of things. But, alas, I am not, and until then, I like to stick to my uniform cause “this shift ain’t ever going out of style.”

céline bag street look high black heel pumps camel coat oversize sunglasses italian chic style little black dress pearl collar Too short for me, but I like the general idea.

#lbdSelf Service F/W 2012


vintage class
This could be insragrammed for all we know it is that relevant
Audrey Hepburn forever chic in her little black dress and pearls in Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Cliche? Always, but out of style- never.

The Kennedy Family owned a suite at the Carlyle Hotel in New York. Jackie stayed there often.

Les bijoux en perles pour quels styles?

Photograph by Don Honeyman | 1950s





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