Fashion and Traveling: J. Crew’s Downfall, Collaborations, and Vintage-ish Marrakesh

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So! I have plenty to catch up on and those posts are all written, but my camera is not uploading pictures properly, so I am going to wait until I have the proper corresponding images up and running!

Phillip Lim x Target

That said, I am sooooo excited for the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collection coming out this week! I am sending my mother straight to Target to pick me up one…. or five… I first heard about this collection in this Huffington Post Article a few weeks ago…. yes, I was behind the times but now I know all about it! Anyway, I think the man is a genius for copying his expensive bags at a more affordable price for people like me!!! I already want them all

I loved the Missoni collection, and it remains my favorite today. I have several items from that collaboration including two dresses, two sweaters, a scarf and boots! I also have a Jason Wu dress, that I really like but not because its Jason Wu. I will admit, I was never really a big fan of Phillip Lim (Ok, no so much a non-fan and more of someone who just was not on my radar). However, I can’t complain if he is giving me the $35 version of this:

$895 Pashli (from Huffington Post)

BESIDES it is not like Europeans will notice a difference- or will they?! Take a look for yourself because the bags look great. Lim is also doing clothes too but they all looked weird and boring. Except for maybe the pant suit. and the trench coat.





The pant suit is not bad. It kind of looks like J. Crew, but I don’t like having clothes sent to me unless I can feel the material and try them on first. Hence, why I never shop online. However, I am quickly becoming more and more attuned to the ideologies of Asos.

Isabel Marant x H&M

So, on to the next collaboration talk that I really am excited about- ISABEL MARANT x HM!!! I was way behind on the news for this one too, but let me just show you what she is all about:

She is also the one who started the wedge sneaker trend and the half cowboy boot trend. I love her style as it is quintessential bobo Parisian chic. (A bobo is a boheme bourgeoisie- or kind of like a French hipster, only not.) The look book has not been released save for a grumpy looking picture of the designer adjusting a look expected to be in the collection. It was tweeted earlier this summer, but the collection will not be in HM until November. I do hope it is lovely, but I am a little nervous because she does a better spring collection than winter.

Isabel Marant @ H&M

HM Collaborations in General

HM has had some pretty high profile designers like Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Jimmy Choos, and even Versace to name a few. I was never really wild for anything save for some of the Marni jewelery pieces and Maison Martigela candy wrapper purse. Alas, I was travelling during Marni and was living in the U.S. nowhere near an HM during the Martigela episode.

                 The Marni clothes were actually quite nice, but I never go to see them in person as I was in Prague at the time and didn’t have time to go to an HM. They shot a super cool video in Marrakesh which is one of my favorite points of inspiration EVER. Hello J. Crew circa 2008.

Some of my collab pieces:

This is my Jason Wu dress as seen in front of Arc de Triomphe with my family!
Missoni #1, Paris Tuilleries

So, I actually where these things plenty of times even if at this point they are a couple of years old. However, the quality was really superb in the Missoni things. I know I have talked about it once before, but I had it on one day and compared it to real Missoni and it looked and felt identical. I do not think there is anything wrong with collaborations as it gives people like me a chance to wear these designers without breaking the bank. Of course, you should never pass it off as the real thing. However, if no one is the wiser, then who am I to correct them? 😉

J. Crew “Style Guides”

So, back to what I was saying about Marrakesh earlier. This may sound silly, but used to live for J. Crew catalogs when they were shot in far off amazing places with incredible clothes. Of course, that was before they were shot in studios with hyper layering and now called “Style Guides.” Whatever.  I think the catalogs reached their pinnacle around 2006- 2008. They had consequent books shot in Rome, Capri, Marrakesh etc. etc. I still have these catalogs in, like, pristine condition, and I  take them whenever I am home for style inspiration  (because who drags old catalogs across the ocean? I am not that crazy!) The styling is perfect, the clothes are gorgeous, and the destinations are dreamy. In fact, I even went to Marrakesh because of that one catalog. I had to take a picture with the crazy hat man featured in that one catalog- see below.

Fashion and travel are such an intricate part of each other. I love combining the two whenever possible. I love packing for trips, and besides horses – these three subjects (ponies, fashion, and travel) round out my favorite things. I loved those catalogs because they were the ultimate combination of one of my favorite brands with my favorite thing- travel. I do not need a studio shoot to show me how to layer Liberty prints and crazy bejeweled baubles correctly, thank you very much.

Meh, above, and just plain EW below. SEE?? I just want Jenna Lyons to go away.

I just wish J. Crew was something like it was. Jenna Lyons made it too tomboy and too androgynous. I am sick of tortoise shell glasses and the excessive layering!!! JUST BRING BACK CLASSIC J. CREW!! Ok, yes it has become more trendy and fashionable as of late, and I do not disagree that it is nice. But, I guess I just want the old escapist catalogs back. I can tell you right now, I will not be keeping any of the current style guides for years to come.

Please, correct me if I am wrong as I do not have regular access to current books. However, I doubt they have has anything as wonderful as 2006-2008. Just check out below at the Rome February 2008 “style guide” because its gorgeous. I wish I could find the Capri book from 2006 because it remains the best.  They just do not make the clothes like they used to circa this era.  I will search for the others I love, but I will save that for another time and place.

I mean, if I am going to take this even further look at this two pictures:

Classic.Our Spring 1998 cover #style #jcrew

These are cover shoots from 1988!!!!!! 2013 cover shoots will look instantly dated. I rest my case.


My trip to Morocco was 5 years ago which is crazy.  I had such a fun time. My friend and I stumbled upon a really cute store called Warda la Mouche and I got a scarf from there that I still adore to this day. I would love to go back, but people tell me its too dangerous at this point. I want to camp in the desert and ride camel…. because I rode a pony instead. This reminds me, I want to do a Marrakesh mood boars post… hmmmm, coming soon.

So, call it pathetic or not but because I have not been traveling in a while, I am just going to finish this post with shots from my trip to Marrakesh!! It was such a rich and colorful city that that sort of goes with my post’s topic anyway? Fashion and travel? YES! So, enjoy my trip and wallowing down memory lane from when I was just a aimless student wandering the world.

jumping palm trees, nbd
This is the train station hahaha, only we took an 8 hour ride from Marrakesh to Fez= hell

We snuck into this resort and had all-inclusive drinks hahaha, but it was so, hot. could you blame us?

The details in the once palace were incredible. Just look at the tile floor!

The above is Jardin Majorelle of YSL.

OK, this is Giverny, but the scarf is the one from the place in Marrakesh. and the Pink top seen in my other pictures is the other thing I got there!

Looking  back and realizing my friend and I let a strange man lead us to the back of a random cafe in Fez is just nuts! Oh well, we ended up learning something called the camel dance!?


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