Holiday, Oh a Holiday!

Vampire Weekend has the most fun filled songs ever. Listen and enjoy while you peruse this blog post. I think you will like this one:

It is just so happy! and free! Plus, they are dressed in 18th century Marie Antoinette costumes! I love this band, they are so preppy it makes me want to weep with joy. Anyway, back to my main reason for posting: A HOLIDAY!!!

I went to the pool today for the first time in, like, ever. It was glorious.

Option #1, Cagliari, Sardinia
Option #2, Tenerife, Canary Islands

I hope to be going to Sardinia, Portugal, or Tenerife sometime in September. I have not made any definite plans, and to be honest I will be going wherever the cheapest Ryanair ticket will take me! I have not been traveling in some time now. Ok, sorry, I have not been vacationing in a really long time. At least a year! Poor little me chooses instead to stay in Paris. Le sigh.

I don’t really care where I go as long as it is tropical with palm trees and a beach. I am leaning towards Cagliari (Sardinia) because then I can practice my gradually dwindling Italian. Plus, Tenerife seems really wild and exotic for a one girl trip. I want to get new things for my trip because, well, those are the best times to go shopping.

Holiday clothes are always more fun. So here are some swim suits I would love to have in my beach bag. (sorry if your summer is over, and you are heading back to school. Me, the freelance writer can go on hols whenever I feel like it!)

I spotted this Nanette Leopore on a R29 post. Isn’t it just to die for?! I love the vintage detailing, high waist, and sleek straps. Sexy! I could very much see myself wearing this on a yacht in Antibes. Unfortunately, it costs more than my rent. HAHAHAHA I live in Neuilly (the most expensive place in Paris) and this lyrca cost more than my shoebox. Oh my.

Norma Kamali
Its so gorgeous, but a little out of my price league at the moment. Norma Kamali, $350 (or 415 euro!?), Net-a-Porter

So, I have continually talked about going to Ibiza with different friends over the past few years. Somehow, those plans just never seem to materialize. That does not stop me from thinking about what I want to wear, however!

I am not sure, but I think there is one club where you go and it fills with water and foam. The entire night is just one giant rain party. I often wonder what I would wear to such a club. This is a definitely the time and place to look sleazy.

However, I am not sure I want to be walking (or swimming) around a club all night long wearing something like the Norma Kamali. So, I think a swim dress would be the best solution! I know, I know… but, think about it! Its like a dress, but its short and waterproof! POOF- swim dress!

I was at camp years ago and my counselor had one. I had never seen one before and always thought it was an intriguing idea. However, they always seemed so matronly until I found the following one day on Pinterest:

Side Bow Swimsuit, $49.99, Roaman’s

I thought this was quite cute (note that this only comes in plus sizes) and perfect for a day lounging on the beach. This particular swim dress might not be Ibiza club material, but it would be fun to wear on a yacht… in Mallorca.

If you cannot tell by now, I like black and white bathing suits. They are just so classic- and ideal for yachting. I am also really digging the rerto/ vintage look that has been so popular like this suit from Anthropologie.

Moon Stripe Maillot, 80 GBP, Anthropologie UK

I also quite like this Forever 21 suit, and it is more my price range. Plus, it has some color!!!

Color blocked halter, $27.80, Forever 21

I am not against suits with color. In fact, many of mine are aqua or pink. But, black is always flattering. My favorite is actually from American Eagle that I got yeaaarrsss ago. But, I love it as its got those cut out things on the sides. AE seems to make a version of it every year. I think they are out of it being so late in the season, but this was the most recent version:

Nothing seems to live up to the high of the Norma Kamali. Seriously, it might be the most beautiful swimsuit in the world. In the mean time, check out on last suit from…. Norma Kamali. SERIOUSLY.

Norma Kamali
Norma Kamali Milo, $380 CAD, Net-A-Porter

So, while I might end up with my old AE or a new Forever 21 suit, one can always dream:

I would end this note on a Pinterest overload of bathing suits I love and places I want to go in them. However, I think the above image is perfect enough!

Ciao cheries. xx


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