Is that your 18th century costume, or are you just happy to see me?

The other day I went to the Arts et Decoratifs which is something like museum dedicated to all things design from interior to fashion. Its located in the Louvre, and pretty central. Plus, I had one of those coupon things for their paid exhibition. I had some time to kill, and it was the perfect way to spend a couple of hours out of the hot sun. I would have wandered a little longer, but people where waiting one me!

There was a great exhibit about ancient/ “the olden time” underwear for men and women to modern dress. It was such fun because they has videos to watch, garments to try on, and cute crinoline chairs. I really recommend it if you want to see something unexpected!

The first part I explored was an exhibit by people I don’t even care to remember because it was that boring. Its hard to believe a museum who has show entire collections of Marc Jacobs and Sonia Rykiel would think that this is something worth showing is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong- it was cool, modern, and colorful. However, I would not have wanted to pay money to see it. It was basically showing off the designer’s collaborations with furniture stores. Um, really boring. If that makes me uncultured, then so be it.  I was much more interested in the underwear anyway.

Then it was onto the trompe d’oeuil which means something that is a trick to the eye.

The following were paper or drawings:


Then came the weirder modern art installations which were fun to look at:


Fairy Tales- Little Mermaid




Now on to chairs!!!


I liked the above pattern and the below was pink and green.

Extensions existed too!!!


I love classical myths and it was my undergrad major… so, I fell in love with this Psyche and Cupid wall art:


I thought this was really weird and cool- perfect for Urban Outfitters.




Then I stumbled upon this lovely view of the garden!



When I get a real home, I will be getting these for my dining room table:



OMG who remembers these from the late 90’s??


Now the undressed exhibit:


If only I had had these dresses at the Versailles ball!

Then you could try on the crinolines and other under garments!!



Seriously, I cannot even imagine. It was so fun to try them on! I caught this one guy trying on a dress while “taking a picture of the men’s under garment” hahahahaha


It ended on a high fashion note with couture pieces inspired by crinolines, bustiers, and the like.

JP Gaultier:






Later in the day, I was perched on the steps of the Opera Garnier watching people take salsa or tango lessons. It was pretty unexpected and interesting to watch!




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