Appointments, Canal, and Paris Galore

Paris Plage at Canal Saint Martin!

Oh my! This past week was full of meetings! I had my visa meeting, and it was not as scary as I thought. Of course, the lady was 20 minutes late and told me to come back again at a new date to apply for a different visa. So, who knows? I think it could work out well because the new visa will let me work for French companies. Poof!

As for the job interview, I ended up just wearing white pants, heels, my giant pearls, and my black sweater tank. It has become my professional uniform of sorts when I need to be somewhere official. I hope it went well, but one never knows with these things! I will keep you people posted.

I looked like this minus the jeans, flip flops and ponytail!

After that interview, I caught up with an old friend at Canal St. Martin at Paris Plage. Some weird dude approached us as started asking us why we were there. He said he was a reporter for Le Parisian. I have yet to see the article. Anyway, I loved it as it was sooooo relaxing as I have never really done Paris Plage. I love Canal St. Martin too but there is no place to get lunch. We wandered around for a while looking for a place before going to a boulangerie. I had wanted to go there because there used to be a boat cafe on the canal. Where did it go!?

Tangent photo:

My nightstand + the Audrey cover of Vanity Fair


After meeting with her, I met my friend from university who was in town from Korea. We met at the Louvre, wandered the Tuilleries and caught up. It was really nice to see here because I had not seen her in two years! After, she took me to a super cool store called Merci. It was pretty kitschy with plenty of unique Parisian items. Plus, the cafe had really good looking food and drink. I will go back there for sure!


All of the following were taken at Merci:

How adorable is this little garden thing??
Merci Paris!!

Loved this and want it badly.

OK, so the bathroom at Merci was like a giant Pinterest/ Instagram.  I couldn’t help but take a few pictures…

The little bug or w/e it is was adorable!


By that time, we we were famished from walking around Paris. We took her stuff back to my place and headed to dinner near rue Mouftard. I never really had gone there for dinner, but there are plenty of restaurants with decent food and even better prices.  It is a much better alternative to St. Michele which can be ridiculously overcrowded with tourists. I had been up the entire night before, and was crashing before we even made it back home!


Old Navy is named after this hahaha



In fact, I went to bed before 11, only to wake at 4:30 am!I wandered Neuilly in the morning looking for a place to get wifi while my friend slept. I eventually made it back and we went to Canal Saint Martin. We eventually went to lunch at this cute pizzeria that was so cheap! They had pizzas for 5 euro! and it was a sit down place too! After, we walked along the seine and then I had to go to my visa appointment. After, we met back up and wandered the Marais and went to Pierre Herme. I had never had their macaroons before, and omg…. they were unbelievable. Now, I understand the obsession as one bite was like eating a whole key lime pie.


This is a picture of a torn poster wall in the metro. It looks like art to me, In fact, I went on an art crawl in Monroe of all places and one artist had taken pictures like this and blown them up to create art. It was actually pretty cool to see in my small town. I wish could remember the name, but alas, I do not. I think even one Project Runway contestant last season made a collection or dress based on it too.


Loved this street art.

This guy was just playing a saxophone in the street!

I have never seen Saint Sulpice w/o construction!


So pretty:

A place called Schmuck was too cute.

We ended up going to dinner in St. Michele later. I had planned to take her on this river boat club cruise that I had done a few weeks. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and the boat was going to take off any minute! I was disappointed, but we wandered back to the Champs de Mars and grabbed a drink at a cafe nearby. The next morning I went with her to Gare du Nord because she was going to London next. I then spent the rest of the morning working in Starbucks. I got home and crashed because I was so stressed from the previous days meetings. I was supposed to go to a party/picnic/ movie thing, but I bailed at the last minute. I spent the whole weekend detoxing from stressful French people. It was a nice relaxing weekend that I def, needed.

The boat we were supposed to be on passed us 😦



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