Interviews with a Vanity Pool in Wanderlust- HA!

I know I start every post like this, but my God I have been busy. I don’t know if I could ever do this full time. I just have had a crazy week working due to so many new clients. Plus, I actually have an interview tomorrow! I am a little excited. I have to be honest that this is my first real person job interview ever, and it will probably be in FRENCH.  Also, this is probably my worst post ever creatively speaking. None of these pictures are mine. Gasp! and its not a pretty looking post.

I am so excited because Vanity Fair France finally came out! The first issue had Scar-Jo on the cover, and August features Audrey Hepburn!

I got my pass jeanes and I plan on going to the pool very soon with my free pool sessions.  Like this weekend soon.

I have my visa meeting Friday, and one of my good friends from uni is also in town. She is staying with me in the shoebox, and I have no idea how we will fit, but I will make it work! So, I have crazy day tomorrow of meetings and what nots. But, I thought I should at least update my blog before this weekend and things get even more out of hand.

Wanderlust is not fancy like I thought it was. Long waits can ensue so go early. Its a cite de la mode, 32 Quai d’Austerlitz, or where I failed my biggest french test ever. Maybe more on that later!

This past weekend I was kind of wild. I met a friend for a picnic for old people, and I discovered cucumbers there. But, then we went to les berges and started talking to these English dudes. We ended up at Wanderlust, but I didn’t last long because I was so tired. However, Wanderlust is wicked cool. Its open air, and a definite hipster’s paradise. I have never seen so many ironic tees and denim hot pants in my life. So, I left early and on the metro I met a group of guys. One took a liking to me, and invited me to hang out with them at a bar in Montparnasse. I had nothing better to do so off I went! Sometime you have to take chances or have a wild hair and at that moment in time, I def. did.  I was all about going to some rando bar with four guys I have never met before. I made me feel like it was HSC all over again.  I actually had a lot of fun in the end.

Last night I met up with some girls and we went to see Frances Ha! in Odeon. It was an interesting millennial girl movie. It has a whole slew of regular indie actors in it like Adam from Girls. The movie was ok, but not my favorite despite some scenes in Paris. After the movie we walked around Saint Germain as the weather was super nice!

Well, I have some work to do now. Later cheries!


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