Summertime Shoe-Down

eiffel tower & cobble stones
Streets like these kill my shoes!!

Shoes constantly fall apart for me. I can never find decent ones that will last me through whole summers and seasons. I have probably killed a hundred shoes since I started living in Europe. Anyway, I am always looking for new shoes that are both interesting and durable. I am currently on the lookout for a really great pair that will take me from the end of summer into the fall. However, I cannot even comprehend thinking about boots at the moment.


I like the idea of Tom’s I just have never taken the plunge to buy them. I am considering it lately as many Parisians are sporting them with everything from a LBD to jeans. Once, I wanted glitter Toms that were like boots that wound up your legs like vet wrap. I currently see that would have been a mistake. Instead, I think I will stick to something more simple like this:

I adore these crochet Toms!! They also come in beige, which are very pretty. Neon Crochet Classic, $70, Toms


Les Tropeziennes
One shoe or sandal that I see everywhere is Les Tropeziennes. This Spartan like sandal is on every French woman’s foot. I want a pair…. because they are so ubiquitous. Plus, they look they are made really well, and that they will hold up nicely as I scramble across cobblestones. As the French really do not wear flips flops, I guess I do not have a choice but to indulge in them. They come in many styles, and the brand also has regular flats and heels. But, these are the most classic and well known style. Maybe les soldes?

Les Tropeziennes, starting at £26 from


Doc Martins
So, I also need shoes that will really support me when I wear heels because I have a tendency to fall in them. I found these shoes one day while perusing, and I couldn’t believe they were Doc Martins! I normally equate the brand with the early 90’s grunge movement. But, these shoes are so not circa ’92. I really want a pair like these as they would go with everything, and they would be easy to transition into the fall. This particular pair also comes in brown, but I am so a black shoe kind of girl.


Mona wedge,$69.99 from Doc Martin


Ahhh, Piperlime. They have so many cute shoes that it is scary. I really, really, really love this French bulldog flats by Marc Jacobs. Would I ever wear them? Probably not, but they are oh-so-cute! However, I am looking for something in this shape- a kind of loafer I presume?


Marc by Marc Jacobs Friends of Mine Puppy Slipper
Marc Jacobs, $228 from Piperlime

Collection Darby studded loafers
These beauties are pretty much what I plan on wearing this fall. I want something studded and in this shape. Darby Loafers, $258 from J.Crew
Ivanka Trump Laura 2
I love these too! They are soo cute with the tribal print and shape. Ivanka Trump, $130 from Piperlime


Rain Boots!

Hunters are quickly becoming the popular shoe of choice for wet Parisians. I may have to jump on the train after seeing these gorgeous pink things! I have a lovely pair of really edgy black rubber boots with chains and studs. However, they can be quite clunky, and I think Hunters would be a good in-between. I still covet the Melissa Vienne Westwood booties, but I have yet to see them in a long time.  One day!


I want these sooo bad. I do not know if they even make them anymore. I think Unkle Karl now designs for Melissa.
These are so stinking cute. I love lower ankle boots. Knee length rubber boots can get gross and sweaty. Those remind me of my days of short stirrup- ahh! RHS Pull On, £75.00 from Hunter


I can tell you one trend I wanted to try (but never did) was the basket- heel Isabella Marant shoes. I really liked them at first when I spotted them on a girl on the Tube two years ago. Now, they are just over-saturated and too clunky for my taste.

Old Lady Shoes Made Cool

I think the shoe I most want at the moment is a color block heel flat. I have seen them all over Paris and in magazines. These will be my pick for pre-fall/ fall shoes if I can just find a pair I love! They are so dainty and ladylike. Plus, they remind me of Ferragamo shoes without being too old lady-ish.

block heel

Here is to shoes for the end of summer! If only we could all go barefoot!


barefoot dancing

Shoes if only !


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