Paris Haute Couture Week and the Sartorial Circus Comes to Town

As usual Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture edition) was nothing but a whirl wind. I am not going to pretend I got to go to any major shows this season as far as the major public is concerned. I normally go to bigger shows during actual fashion week 😉 However, I did see some really beautiful clothes that have renewed my interest in the industry. I was having such a blase moment with fashion if you could not tell by my last post concerning fashion.

Fashion week was exactly what I need to renew my interest in it. I needed that shot of beautiful clothes, gorgeous fabrics, pretentious bloggers, and idiots who wear “fashion” to be photographed. I mean….. I know I am no editor and I am not a fashion blogger so maybe I do not have a say in anything….But, how can costumey ideas like this be considered stylish? I just don’t understand it. I know people do it for attention and to build their identity and brand… and I guess that is all there is to it. I just cannot help but raise my eyebrow at such things.

Style to me is being well put together in an interesting way that is individual without crossing the line into fantastical. This is not too hard. Of course, you have people like Anna Della Russo who wears head to toe designer. She looks interesting, but she is also a Vogue editor with access to these great expensive couture clothes. The average girl on the street is not going to have the things she does. However, that does not mean you cannot still look cool on a budget. Style is a matter of mixing ideas and proportions and making them your own unique look. Style is more than just fashion as anyone can be trendy. You have to think and actually prepare if you want to be ahead of the crowd in my opinion.

crazy and over the top style? For sure! However, I quite like it. I mean she is editor of Vogue Nippon for crying out loud!

I am actually the last one to talk about style. At the moment, I find myself wearing tank tops, shorts and (I hate admitting this) flip flops every day because its so damned hott. Also, I have been in a rut about my wardrobe. I have so many cute and great clothes. I just lack any real inspiration atm the do anything other than shorts, jeans, and tank tops. SO boring, I know. Anyway, I think once fall comes or September, I will do a major re-haul of my wardrobe.  I need to quit buying crappy HM tanks and buy things that are higher quality and more interesting for lack of a better word.  I see really beautiful pieces I love, but that are not in my budget atm. I will be searching and saving from now on. I am 25 for crying out loud. I should not be dressing like a teenager.

STILL, One guy was wearing a giant record on his head, and another girl was wearing a bed sheet spray painted with her face. I can show you plenty of other examples. I just do not understand where the line was crossed from getting noticed for one’s actual style into this crazy sartorial circus. Just take a look for some of the more outrageous ones I have spotted on blogs:


paris fashion week street style f/w 2012350x525px-LL-1bfc07a1_1929734_IMG_0096.jpeg

What was once seen as innovative and whimsical on a blogger’s part to combine prints and vintage that clash has now turned into an all out war to see who can wear the craziest things. Everyone seems to have forgotten that the whole purpose of street style was to showcase people in their everyday lives who actually have style.

However, as long as photographers keep shooting the insane and tacky costumes of the crowds outside of fashion week, then people who actually have style will be over looked.

Anyway, back to fashion week:

I kept my looks simple and kept to industry black (and white) + heels. Nothing outrageous, but simple enough. So, my first show was for Anoufa. It was in a tiny location- there were not more than 60 people in attendance. The show was nice and a mix of men and women’s fashion.

I was so close I could barely take pictures. But, still, these are high quality shots let me tell you.

It was a mixed show! Yay men! It was sort of on the cusp of Haute couture and men’s fashion week. Plus, the show was very commercial and ready to wear.

blurry effects on purpose. designer w/ bride
I have to include this as I was early for the next show which was near the Grand Palais. I wandered into Abercrombie and I was sickened to see this gorgeous chunky pearl and rhinestone jewelry that I would have killed to wear when I worked there. The end.

The next day I went the Julien Fournie. I went to his show last year where there was much more room, but the wait was over two hours! That is a tad long even for a fashion show. This one was packed and everyone was smushed together. It was also very hot and hard to concentrate, but the clothes were nice. I preferred last years show because it was more colorful and dynamic. This season looked like something out of Game of Thrones. It was very futuristic tribal girl goes to the hunting ball.

The next one was an event held at the Marie du Veme  or the town hall of the 4rth. It was pretty impressive with gilded ceilings and pastoral prints lining the walls. The show itself was lovely and breathtaking. The detail and fabric choices were sublime. It made me excited for winter. Many of the looks were a nice alternative from the usual sombre black and gray things one sees. However, this was light, airy and full of fur.

This show had many many looks, it also had a nice addition of being held at night. This meant there was a cocktail being held afterwards where one could order anything they wanted. They also gave us gifts! Little scarves that were printed in the same design as the invitation. I snuck two but, I had too many cocktails and forgot where I put my 2nd one. Oh well! It was such a cute thing to have after a long show, but I did not know anyone! I have no networking skills plus some Paris fashion people can be scary! What was I going to say anyway? HEYILIKEYOURSHOESHIREMEPLEASE? No, I do not think that would have worked with this crowd. Alas, I made my way to a peculiar “after party” on Saint Honore which ended up being me, an older french man, and middle aged American woman. Don’t ask. Anyway, this one was my favorite show of the week thanks to its mix between luxe fabrics and really airy designs.

LOVED THESE!!! Hard to tell but they had glitter rhinestone swirls up and down the legs.
Im so mad Idk know how to shoot this stuff!! This was my absolute fav look. I am including blurry shot just so you can see the cute bows, but of course it does no justice for it.

Riding hat, anyone?

You can kind of see the leggings better in this picture.

She had upside down crow feet for her crown…

The designer is Italian and I wanted to impress him with my fluency in his native tongue, but maybe another day.

jgrkth 040 jgrkth 024

The next day was the last show for the week for me. This was held at the same place as the one as last night. We had to enter up the side stairs though which was weird. The boy with the record head sat next to me. This show was much smaller and very low key. The looks were also much more like art than the others. There were only a handful, but you could see the time and dedication that went into them. These were true haute couture pieces.

The Marais has the best street art.

loved the shoes

This really was walking art.

More crazy, amazing shoes!

If you did not know, there are only a handful of haute couture houses. They must be approved by the governing body in Paris and each piece has to be made by hand. Therefore, many famous designers are not actually haute couture houses. Unless they are showing at this week on the official list, then guess again. Haute couture has just become synonymous with very high fashion in any sense of the word even though it does have a specific meaning.

This week was crazy busy, but as usual I loved seeing the clothes and feeling the excitement of a fashion show. I love when the sartorial circus comes to town!


2 thoughts on “Paris Haute Couture Week and the Sartorial Circus Comes to Town

  1. …Obviously, I am fashion starved. Imagine that!…so loved to view the locations & people…yes, people watching is too too much fun! I love your spontaneous photography…bravo!

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