Citadium Arcadium

Citadium is this really cool store that I never gave half a thought until recently. It is kind of like a Collette but on steroids and half the price. Collette is the really famous stand alone concept store on Rue Saint Honore. Ill post on that at another time.

Anyway, Citadium has all of these urban/ surfer/ skater/ hipster brands with a majority of the store dedicated to menswear. They have many kitschy things on the first floor including a whole weirdly American section of junk food. Its like a weird overpriced Urban Outfitters.

A shoe coloring book! Featuring the Miu Miu shoes of my dreams.

Also, Carthart is trendy now? I think of stinky cowboys and hay bales from my time in a very western/ hick like barn in Louisiana. Who knew!?
Franklin and Marshall….. is an Italian AF like brand of clothing. Its also an actual school. Apparently the owners saw some kids wearing their college’s logo sweat shirt one day. They liked the name so much they named their clothing company after it. The school never knew until students noticed old Italian men who spoke no English wearing their school’s name. Now, the school gets a percentage of the proceeds and students sometimes model in campaigns. It is funny too bc my cousin went there as well! lolI wonder if their international, namely Italian, enrollment has gone up at all….

The coolest thing in the store is their nail polish vending machine. You can choose one of the many colors for only 5 euro! I have not used it yet, but I like the concept!  They also had something like an “Instagram” booth where you could take cool old looking vintage pictures.

The store has a lot of newer brands like American Denim and Supply by RL and old classics like Converse. I cannot decide if I like ADS yet as I have not really looked at their stuff up close. However, they did have cute things even if I was under the impression that this brand was supposed to be more affordable than other RL brands.

Denim and Supply
It is a lot more “urban” and younger than other RL brands.


I used to adore Rugby by RL when I was in college. It was the perfect mixture of collegiate and trendy style. I love their skull and cross bones logo. There is a great one in Georgetown with a matching cafe! However, now that I do not live near one I often forget about it. It is definitely an East Coast sort of store. I doubt it would do well in the deep south even if I have been to a store in Dallas. Anyway,  trying to find their most recent collections, I realized RL is actually closing the store this year! That is too bad…. but too be expected.  End tangent.

TANGET TWO- Actually, J.C. Penny also has had a RL subsidiary called American Living that isnt half bad. Its got the aesthetic and fabric choices at more than half the price. Sometimes the clothes can be a little old lady looking, but for the most part it is pretty preppy. I hate admitting this….. but, I would often shop at J.C. Penny when at home. I mean they have Mango for crying out loud! They also have cool brands from Charlotte Ronson, Joe’s Jeans (which sadly wasn’t open before I left), Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, and even Georgina Chapman of Marchesa did a prom line!!! WTF!!!!!! I mean this store is soo middle America, but I commend them for bringing me fashion at an affordable price when I am at home in a small town in Louisiana. I am scared for their future what with firing the CEO and people not really getting the new J.C. Penny concept. However,  I can’t hate them when I can shop at Mango for cheaper than in Paris!

Obvs. this is a winter add, but it still has that classic RL feel to it.

They are redoing most of the stores to have like mini sections dedicated to each sub-brand. I think its a great idea that is modern and sleek. I just hope middle America agrees because I would hate for them to dump the idea.

Anyway, Citadium was a nice surprise because even though I have lived in its quartier for as long as I can remember, I have never really ventured inside. I always thought it was some rando men/ gamer store. It is to an extent, but it still has a really cool urban vibe. It is not my style at all, but I appreciated their selection of things. Nike has a great corner and I fell in love with this t- I KNOW I KNOW its a t-shirt, but I still like it.  I may go back and get it once I get paid next week….

So, if you are in the area and like alternative urban cool hipster style, then check it out. It pretty crazy crowded, but worth the effort if you want some super urban clothes in this city!


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