Laduree, Sotheby’s & Other Stories

Soooooo behind, BUT – A couple of weeks ago family friends from chez moi in Louisiana were in town for the Roland Garros, and I was able to meet up with them several times. I showed them around their first day and I was exhausted by the time I got home! We climbed the Eiffel tower, and walked around Mont Martre, shopped, and more. It is not often that I play tourist in my city, but I had a lovely time hanging out with people I have known for a while.

Other pictures from my adventures with them later, but first the FANCY FRENCH TEA ROOM!  Last week I got to visit Laduree with them! I had never actually sat down or eaten in there. The packaging and little trinkets alone make Lauduree the cutest. I ordered white coffee which more like tea, but lovely nonetheless! We went to the tea room on the Champs Elysee. I live very near there and I actually walked.

The first pictures are from the Lauduree website and Pinterest as the ones that follow just….. don’t even compare because they are so stunning and I am such an amazing photographer.

In following with my recent Marie Antoinette theme, Lauduree actually made all the deserts in the film.

I wandered down Rue St. Honore and came across Sotheby’s. I did not that they actually displayed art that they sold. I basically got to see Picasso’s, Delacroix, Dali and others of the like fo’ free! It was amazing. I will go back when they have more “exhibitions” of their auctions. I also came across some crazy changing of the guard at some giant governmental building. No idea what it was, but cool to find. It makes me think I want to do something like this too… but, that will be for another day.

Across the street was some changing of the guard at a building I know nothing about, it was interesting to stumble upon that nonetheless!

After Laduree, I wandered back to Saint Honore to find & Other Stories, the lastest venture by H&M. It has the same futuristic design and interesting fabrics as COS. It is a little more expensive. The best part of the store was their cosmetic section (See I am going all beauty product crazy!) as it was full of amazing colors and lovely smelling things. The prices were not horrendous at all. The shoes were also interesting. I was not crazy about the clothes, but it is an interesting concept store. Lots of chunky jewelry and neoprene suits.

I should post about Collette, but that will be another day. My phone died and they were closed by the time I wandered down there. Anwyay, it was just another lovely day in Paris as that afternoon I went to the apero beauty thing.

Pictures from playing tourist:

goat yoghurt- gross

The Rolland Garos was going on so Hotel de Ville was all did up.

There was a braderie by my house and it had pink balloons! so cute!

We climbed up it! I had never done that, and I had never been up in the day time. The view was really nice, but I only made it to the first level. After climbing 7 flights of stairs multiple times a day to get to my room, my legs just wouldnt work. So, I sat at a lovely cafe on the Eiffel Tower. I highly recommend it.

While out walking one day, I found this place. So cuteeeeee!


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