Wondering About Wandering and Other Life Things (+my wanderings in a private Italian palazzo)


I'm still going!

I was wondering, can I still consider myself a traveler if I have remained in one place for too long? I have not gone anywhere really since last summer! (Excluding London and going home, of course!) Now that I am living in one place, I am focused on creating a life here. I miss wandering and traveling though. I never really did the backpacking thing. But, I never really needed to because my base has always been in France. I can go away for a weekend without bringing my life with me.

Wolf Suschitzky 1937
Adventurebesties in Europe. Pinterest knows how I feel

I think I have mentioned it earlier, but I would like to travel wildly around the world at some point. It just seems like such a hassle at the moment to consider it. I went to the prefecture yesterday, and long story short, I think renewing will be no problem. In fact, it was almost easy and pleasant talking with the lady who will be helping me. I just need to get all my paperwork together. Essentially, I am going to have one less step than I thought as my current visa is coming from Angouleme, a whole different department/ state.

I was reading a book about Florence the other night, and it just made me miss it all over again. I do not know why I feel so tied to that place. It is not like I fell for it instantly like Paris. However, my love for it did eventually creep up on me. I think I could easily see myself living there again. When is the big question though because I really want/ need to become French first.

I seriously wish I had kept a blog when I was living in Italy. My stories are nuts from that short time.
I took this somewhere inTuscany. How can you not find this gorgeous??The following are from the Boboli in Firenxe.


When I was living in Italy, the family took me to this crazy chateau thing in the middle of nowhere. It belonged to some of their friends and I was forced to stay in the creepy top floor with the children. During the day I would wander the premises and the overgrown secret gardens. It was massive!!!! I love how old Italian families just have these properties attached to them.  This shot is of this elaborate puppet stage in the castle/house/mansion.
This is opposite the stage
This is just one small corner
I loved this room best.
One of the windows in the grand hallway at the ground level… and then I definitely wandered into some rooms that were “closed off.” I think they like hunting…

This is actually the place!! I found in an old book lying around.

Again, no idea who this is, but I umm… saw this while looking through family photo albums and I fell in love with this picture. But the wedding was at the castle thing.
Pictures do not do it justice for how big it is. Seriously we were staying in just wing the whole time and there must be like a hundred rooms!!!
most bedrooms looked like this

It was in serious need of repair and love.

this was the view from my room


baahh this is me pretending to me an Italian Kennedy.

ANYWAY, I will begin the process next year because you can start in your 4rth year.  I do not know if they would actually ever grant it to me, but I certainly hope so. It would make my life much easier! If anything, I wish France had an equivalent of the Green Card. This way I wouldn’t have to get citizenship, but I would not need to apply for a new visa every year. Fortunately, there is talk about extending visa validity for 5 years. I sooooooo hope that happens. However, until then, I am still pointing towards naturalizing one day as it just seems to make sense at the moment if I want to stay here.

Anyway, I would love to live in Italy again, but I cannot do it whilst I am in the midst of my 5 year dedication to France.

Back on topic about traveling- at one point can I not consider myself one of those people who travel if I do remain in one place for to long? I like to think of myself as one of those smugly aware that they are a traveler. However, seeing as I have not done it for some time, I can only smugly think of my self as an expatriate (I loathe that word because its so pretentious and antiquated, but it is what I am, and I am smug about it at times!) I guess it is just a matter of growing up– settling down in one place. But… I want to see other parts of the world though before really getting down and dirty into adulthood life as society sees fit.

Despite that, I am really quite content at the moment with my little shoebox. Everything has finally started to come together and find a home in my little room. I realized the other day that it is a bit hard to dance like a maniac when a good song comes on, but I guess I will just have to jump on my bed to get out any energy!

Michelle Williams. jumping on the bed... = fun :)

Sometimes you just have great days that make you feel like jumping on the bed! :D

Photo Ideasjumping on the bed!



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