You Think This Has Nothing to Do With You?


Omg, I have so much running through my mind at the moment. I have to change the address on my visa, and then begin again the process. Not cool. I am on super weird sleep schedule that I have not gotten out of due to staying up all night at the ball last week that has spiralled me out of the French time zone. The hours I am keeping put me back in America, and I have lately been working a lot with American/ AUS clients. This does not help, and I do not have Internet during daylight hours (dont ask). Sometimes, I really just want a normal job as I have not even been able to to enjoy my city this past week. The weather has been crap and all I want to do is go to the beach.

It is a perfect time to wander the Louvre or something… similar seeing as it rains constantly, but all I have time to do is focus on paperwork, work stuff. I JUST WANT TO GO TO TROPICAL WEATHER. I would gladly take a pool or white trash lake beach at this point. This is when I miss Angouleme because a beach was waiting for me at the end of a 5 minute bus ride…

I took this in Santorini, baaahhh that water just was amazing, and I WISH I was there now!

Actually, I lie. This weekend was Fete de la Musique which is some crazy festival of music all over France. Angouleme last year was nice, easy, and def. family oriented. Paris is sooooooo much bigger, and it is def. wilder. I met some cool people, and we saw this band called Braids play from Canada. They could easily be big in the near future. They reminded me of a weird Sigur Ross/ Lilly Allen cross if those two had a baby.

After, some one told us about a party on a boat that never materialized. So, it was off to Paramentier that was an absolute crazy fest. It was like Paris had a raging kegger with all walks of life invited. It was like a really bad Greek Week party with hoodlums. Despite this one area, I had quite fun time running around the earlier part of the evening!

A VERSION OF this somehow turned into a french version of animal house

I still need to catch up on my blog posts… I have about 6 waiting in the que, but I cannot be bothered at the moment to make them all pretty.

This week should be more exciting as it is men’s and haute couture fashion week. I might go to a few shows, but that depends on how much of an effort I feel like making. I hate to sound like this, but once you have been to one show… they all start to run together. Those first few years of excitement have made me jaded. I need a fashion energy shot because I am feeling so like a before fashion mind-over Andrea Sachs where all of this is just “stuff.”

(If you don’t get my reference watch this clip from the Devil’s Wears Prada (I just watched it this morning, so it is fresh in my mind)) (Plus, it remains one of my favorite monologues on fashion in general. )


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