Let Them Eat Cake!! Ok, I will Thank You!! Versaille Part 1

Ok the following I wrote last week before the fabulous ball I attended. I just never posted it as I was frantic and soooo busy. So, here is that post. Just don’t mind the present tense when actually its the past. In fact, I am still somewhat recovering from the dream of it all. So, here was my last weeks process. I was too wildly worried about anything else to blog. In fact, a friend visiting Paris was like, “You are doing something right if all you worry about is some ball.” I laughed because at the moment it was right. If only every week I could pretend I was some socialite. I would enjoy that life very much because I think I was quite good at worrying about my hair, nails, and outfit choices for the big weekend event. I would take that job. Anyone know of any openings??

JUST LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!!! It is so a time machine.

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 24


I do not think I have been this excited for an event in all my life. This Friday I will be practically traveling back in time to the Chateau of Versailles dressed in full 18th century fashion. Seriously, this will be like Marie Antoinette the movie has come to life minus all the sharp blades named after a doctor. I first noticed posters advertising the event in the metro. I thought it sounded cool, but I did not think twice about it. It is being put on by some famous choreographer. Luckily, I came across a group of girls who are willing to shell out the rather expensive fees for the tickets. Yes, they are expensive but, how can you say no to an event like this??? Seriously!!! Thanks to a fairy godmother, I am able to go.  The ball is being held on the actual site of the chateau and it will be just like the movie. I just watched it again last night, and I want to watch the sun come up over the garden!!!

I have been looking and researching everywhere for inspiration. Besides the Coppola movie, blogs have been the best source. I found the following pictures on this French girl’s blog. They are amazing and look so incredible. I do not expect mine to turn out like this because she was professionally outfitted within an inch of her life and she has like her own paparazzi following her. Whatever. MINE WILL BE JUST AS GOOD!!!

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 34
aren’t these incredible? like from a movie… or real life..

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 43

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 16
like the lace mask idea, but not sure where to find it, plus could get annoying while dancing

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 30

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 37

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 40

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 36

This will be an experience like nothing other, at least I hope so! I have scoured the internet to find blogs with pictures of the last ball that happened in 2011 (je crois), and the pictures are sublime. They seriously look like a movie set or an anachronistic life set on the dawn of the French Revolution. It seriously looks like nothing else I have ever seen in this world. I am seriously on fire about finding my gown and booking my tickets. I cannot wait for Friday!!!

anything with Kirstin Dunst is from the Marie Antoinette movie de Sophia Coppola

I actually ended up getting my gown from a rental called Au Fou Rire. Their average price was about twenty euro compared to others that were over 100 euro! I thought I was right on time but the guy looked at me like I was nuts when I requested a masquerade 18th century gown. Luckily, some girl in my size never picked up her blue brocade gown. So, it was all mine. Other costumes looked pretty raggedy and like polyester Halloween things. Mine isn’t fancy and there is no crinoline, but it is a two piece that is quite lovely for the price. I am satisfied with it to be honest.

Not this….

As for accessories- I wanted birds for my hair that am piling on top of a bowl. No place had them but this one store called La Droguerie. It was perfect full of trims, ribbons and feathers. I settled on a black ostrich feather and a yellow butterfly. I also put pearls on my bobby pins, bought a fancy comb thing, and tons of hair spray and baby powder. Why wear a wig when you can DIY?

cute and craftsy store that is like the only thing of its kind that I know of
I guess the mask idea would be easy…. oh, poo I will stick with my gold thing

My bag is a beaded thing I have from Accessorize and shoes dont matter. Make up looks like lots of blush. Mask is a cheap-o “gold” thing I picked up at a vintage store in the Marais. I wanted a real Venetian mask, but mine from Carinvale is at home. Le sigh. I am satisfied with mine for the moment because it could always get lost or broken at a wild ball.

Carnaval de Versailles - Soirée 11
I actually plan on doing something like this for my necklace. I have a fleur de lis wooden amulet thing from mardi gras that I plan to string through a pink ribbon. woo hoo!!

I never finished this post, but enough is enough. I will update more this week. I PROMISE. I am so behind from visits to Dior, oh lala. I need to catch up!

If anything, this really was me after being up all night dancing and running around Versailles like a maniac. (top one from Vogue)

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