Beauty Take Over and I see London, I see France, I see your Cupcake underpants!

The blog title just came to me. I was walking home from the metro this afternoon and this man was bent over his bike. His boxer briefs were covered in cupcakes. I had no words.

A quick Google search led me to these beauties.

Oh! I have been so busy this past week with hardly any time to blog! Several exciting things happening that I will get too later. I was happily chosen to receive another VoxBox from Influenster! My mom said I got it yesterday, and I am excited to review the products once it arrives in Francia! I love Influenster, and you should definitely join if you like reviewing products and the chance to get them delivered to your door for gratuite! You can read my previous post from my Cosmopolitan Voxbox this past December.

This past week I also got a mysterious call from a beauty company telling me I was going to be sent free products to try. I was so excited when I saw that my package had arrived last Saturday. However, for some crazy reason the guardienne sent it away even though it had my name on it! Long story short I still have not received it….

A freind also invited me to a last minute Apero Beauty party. I got a soin de visage/ facial and my make up done. We were late to the opening, so…I was not sure who or what this was for as I was just tagging along for the mini spa treatments! The products smelled nice, and it was at a beauty school for Miss France (I think?) which is cool… They served some non- cider drink thing that was quite lovely when mixed with the tea. However, I was not impressed with my makeup application because I felt like a vampire or that a night at the club had gone so wrong. My eye makeup was just too dark and powdery. The product also seemed like it did not have much pigment to them either.  Anyway, I had fun though and I got to see another blogger I met from the Victoires de la Beaute event!

This was the brand used for the facial
This was the brand used for the facial
the organic/ bio cider
the organic/ bio cider
and the make up.... I would like to say it was nice, but it just was found wanting.
and the make up…. I would like to say it was nice, but it just was found wanting.

BBBB 171

After researching, the school is actually called Elysee Marbeauf.

I apologize for the horrendous quality on the photos. I wish I had a DSLR or w/e. My little Cybershot takes nice pictures, but it is hard to be stealth when whipping out a giant camera. iPhones are much more concurrent with taking pictures on the sly.

Beauty events and products seem to have taken over my life lately. I was never really much one for cosmetics, but the last few months have really changed my outlook. Some of the products I have been using from Victoires really seem to make my skin feel so soft and smooth. It could be all in my head, but I like it! It really is amazing how technology has revolutionized the beauty industry. I was reading yesterday in a magazine that a form of Botox will soon become topical! That is just nuts! I really cannot even imagine what will be invented by the time I am in my 40’s – 50’s! Viva chemistry and vanity if it means evolving anti aging products!

I mean old women here are just so chic and some are also rather a bit much. You think somebody will be in their 30’s or 40’s from behind and then they turn around and poof! They are actually 60-something. This one woman on the bus had the most magnificent hair- it was thick and curly and a lovely brown highlighted color. When she turned around, she was easily 80. Yes, it was not so…. I dont even know words to describe it. I admired her confidence for not giving a **** but, at the same time, when does something like this become grotesque? What happened to aging gracefully?

The book and blog Advanced Style has always intrigued me. I think it is wonderful and a great inspiration to see ladies looking amazing and fashionable even in your golden years.

from Advanced Style- Seriously, how cool is she?
I seriously hope I look this amazing when I am her age.
IDK where this was taken, but in France the whole vibrant red/ burgundy/ orange thing has really taken off for old women. Not sure what I think!

So, I guess I am not so afraid of getting old anymore. Still, I am not sure if I will be the dye- my greying hair kind of person or the au natural/ take it as it comes kind of person.


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