Into Exile and Letters from the Unknown

Cap D’Ailes

I have been worried that the door lady does not know my name, and that I would not get mail. Well, I was wrong because the other day I got an unexpected and sweet card from a friend! Everyone loves getting mail, and it made my morning. Its nice how something simple like that can change your perspective.

It also made me think of this special mail service that my French friend signed up for last year. It is called Lettres d’un Inconnu or Letters from Nobody/ the Unknown.  Basically, you sign up for this service and a few times a month you will receive a hand written note from someone. I was curious how it worked as it seemed….peculiar. However, my friend’s letters were written on beautiful stationary and full of inspiring and interesting stores. I think she stopped her membership as it was a little bizarre, but it is a cute idea. I am not sure if it is something I would sign up for as a pauvre nomadic Parisian, but I fully support the project!

Letters and cards are so personal. Can you imagine communicating that way all the time like, um, Jane Austen…. or Marie Antoinette? Talk about no privacy. Plus, it is hard enough to think of the communicating without a cell phone or Facebook. I was wondering the other day how different my Parisian life would be if I did not have Skype and FB to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world.  Seriously, what did etrangers do in the 1950’s? Use the payphone in the hall? How did they arrange spontaneous rdv’s? I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s craxxy, n’est pas?

Imagine Elizabeth being all: YO Darce, why r u such a big @$%^$#? Go Back to Pem-stuck-up-your-a**-ly and leave my family alone!

So, in other news, I am forcing myself into exile. I am not going out, and I may not even go into Paris for the next 5 days as I have got to focus on work. I have to pay my rent next week (and other bills!) which is two whole less weeks than I would normally have as I moved in in the middle of the month. So, basically, I will be doing two weeks work in 4 days! YAY ADULT PARISIAN LIFE!

It may sound like a complaint, but I actually like working at the moment. I have had some pretty cool assignments lately, and that definitely helps fight boredom in copy writing.

The sun decided to grace us with its presence today, but then I was reading on another blog about this girl who took a last minute trip to Cannes. That made me wish I was in the South of France, and I know without a doubt that I will be going there this summer. Anyway, this blogger is from London and her posts are always so interesting. Seriously, this girl goes on mad cool trips and adventures (and not just backpacking, but like vacation traveling!). I do not normally get jealous of other people’s lives as I like my-own-thank-you-very-much, but its hard not to turn green when you see where this Londoner has traveled! I honestly love seeing her updates in my inbox because assuredly it will always be a little escape.

Like this is just one place she went while I was sitting in cold Paris! Idk where it is, but I will take it!!
I want to be on this secluded island instead of exile in the shoebox 😦

Oh yeah, and of course Cannes:

She got to go to a premiere! Like wth!! I want to do that, but first I need to find friends avec les connections!

And, my own trips to the south of France… le sigh, I miss it there sooooo muccchhh. I never really wanted to go there as I was always so pro Paris. We went on a class trip there soon after Paris when I was in high school, but it just did not capture my attention the way Paris did.

I would not have gone back if a friend had not studied abroad down there. I went alllll the timmmee, and omg the stories… But, thats for another time and place. I may not have gone to a premiere, but the things we did were just as fun!

I am only a 4 hour train ride away, but I have too much work that I need to do. Sooooo, I probably will not be able to go until July. So, here are some pictures of my trips there because I feel like reminiscing at the moment.

Cap d’Aile- Just look at the water!! and this was taken with an iphone!! Anyway,
I was on my way to Monaco and I saw this incredible hidden cove from the train. So, I jumped off and ran down to this rocky path thing. I layed out there all day and like it was pretty much deserted. I pretended it was my own private beach.

This was a couple years ago in Juan les Pins
Once I wandered there during the festival and I got to be in the audience at this French tv show. Luckily, there were no blanks shot during my trip! I did get to see a very drunken beth ditto and the gossip perform though!
I was essentially in France to go to the bank, but I ended up at my 2nd royal marriage that year as this was the night before Albert and Charlene got married and they had a giant fireworks show! So amazing!

This was in Menton at this citrus festival that happens every year in February!
I dont have any digital pictures from that first trip, but one night all the girls were taken to this bar…. I know it was the first one I had ever been to at 17 and we all danced on tables. bahahahaha

Ok, that is enough reminiscing and wishing I was still a student because honestly my year abroad was one year long vacation. If only real life could be like that!


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