Style Evolution: My Discovery of Jeans


I have recently discovered jeans. In the past six months, I have evolved from a legging and dress person into a jean person. They are all I wear every single day. I think I bought five pair when I was at home over the break. I do not know how this happened. I was never a jean person.

I remember when I first discovered fashion. I was probably around sixth grade and all I wore were skirts and cute little capris. This continued all the way through HS where the popular thing was to wear a horrible tee dance/ sport/ school TEE shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, yuck. I was always told that I was dressing up by wearing some Abercrombie shirt or something. Go figure.


Remember the butter fly clips?? Haha Anyway, you are looking at what I would wear when I was like 12. It was very Librarian chic. I was basically dressing like a 25 year old, and now I dress like a 12 year old. Ok, maybe throw in a few glitter tee shirts from Limited Too and call it a day.



Oh man how I used to love the Moose Store. I did work there for 5 years (even during college). Maybe I will get into one day. I even remember the first time I walked into the store and smelled that pungent odor of Fierce.
Anyway, I guess I did wear jeans. However, it was not a deliberate choice as leggings were not popular at the time I would have chosen those and a dress instead. Eventually, I did sport brown AF leggings and knit dresses once they did start to issue them…
I feel weird writing about AF. It seems so long ago, and it hardly what I would call fashion. Even then I didn’t like admitting to loving it when I was amongst fashion-y people.


In college and during my first year abroad, all I wore were dresses. They were easy to throw on and run to class. Despite living on a campus that was 90% female, I was wearing dresses because they were easy and comfortable. I also felt better when I was actually dressed. Some girls would roll out of bed in their pajamas. More power to you, but it takes just as much effort to throw on some sweatpants as it does a pair of jeans. Many girls sported what I considered the Sweet Briar Goes to Class uniform: leggings, uggs, and an over sized oxford. This was better than nothing I guess.


On any given day at least somebody would be the aforementioned items above. I was probably guilty of it too… but I normally stuck to some kind of jersey dress from J. Crew. Pearls a must, and riding pants optional.

My JYF year was when I would all my J. Crew piled on and dress up in my fur and glitter. I was living in Paris and that it what one wears when in Paris. I still break out the glitter every so often, but those times are becoming few and far between. I still dress like this when I go out or for a fancy occasion or when I get sick of jeans. This look is not behind me, but I have just opted for a more casual look as of late.

OMGG I loved my trench coat. I wore it to death. Along with 5 pairs of gold flats, my longchamps is now dead, countless leggings, and even my fur is fraying. Dont even get me started on the LBD. I had this Isac Mizrahi swing shift dress I wore every day. Probably not a lie. I still have it, but it is much too short now and has pills all over it. I just hide it in my drawer along with the other too short navy shift dress I wore all the time.

I would expect at 25 that my style would have matured, and I guess it has to an extent ( I mean I wear Talbot’s for goodness sake). However, I almost feel like I am regressing. What 25 discovers jeans and then adorable over sized tee-shirts? Why don’t I wear smart sheath dresses or even the blazer/oxford combo? I don’t even think that I have bought a polo shirt in five years. Thus, I think I have become the a weird high school incarnate of style. I skipped right over the casual dressing and went straight for the pencil skirt. Now, 12 years later, I am making up for lost time by coveting every pair of boyfriend, destroyed, straight leg piece of denim out there! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

This is an idea of what I wear like everyday. Computer included.

Jeans just give me more freedom. I can wear any top I want. Dresses leave you with only one option. Jeans are easy, and they can be dressed up or down. Of course, I love my chinos and dresses still, but jeans are sending me a massive siren call. I attribute this to my nomadic Parisian writer lifestyle. HELL YEAH.

So, I do not see my style really changing in the near future. I mean….. I did not tell anyone this, but I think this is the biggest indicator of how I have changed. My first fashion shows I would dress up like non other, like super trendy dress, fur, jewelery- the works. Last summer, I threw on a pair of destroyed jeans, heels, and an old white gauzy top and went to some random men’s show. I doubt I would do that a WFW, but it was nice being so relaxed for once.


Yeah so basically from super classic, but dressed up to like almost way too casuale. But, it was the summer and a men’s show….


Who knows what I will like five years from now or even five weeks from now? All I do know is that JEANS ARE IT for the moment.


tumblr_mkfoiveKaE1qbya53o1_500 tumblr_mekrb3AhnM1qctjnko1_500 tumblr_m63pk59lx51qee2rvo1_500 tumblr_m8mthf7nWe1r8y2zko1_500 tahoe 21 160722280422207936_yBoFQZLi_cboyfriend jeans 570x431xsassy1938.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4r1CQn5D4T160722280422207936_yBoFQZLi_c tumblr_m8z3v4cgYH1qd36rxo1_500 tumblr_m63pk59lx51qee2rvo1_500 tumblr_mc7tgbL4AG1qzrk5xo1_500 tumblr_mebtrwpZD61rpy1a9o1_400 tumblr_meif6nb2LJ1r91qf5o1_500



One of the bloggers I usually follow at Sea of Shoes recently posted a really laid back look. Normally she is always wearing something kind of crazy and retro. She even refers to days like this easy look as her everyday look which makes me realize most fashion bloggers do not actually wear half the crap they post in real life. That said, I am feeling this look over the one she posted the next day which was some weird outfit that she claimed even got her weird looks. Anyway, sometimes there is nothing better than a pair of jeans and basic tee shirt (though in my case it would be white!)

Grey tee and sneakers
just an easy look that is my current aesthetic atm
dressing up boyfriend jeans
I think this is succchh a good example of dressing up BF jeans

boyfriend jeans + sandals... love!Goldsign® for J.Crew Jeane jean in fountain washboyfriend jeansBoyfriend jeans blog Spring must have's // #boyfriend jeanrag & bone Official Store, RGBN-4284 Elodie Top,





Ok I think that is enough of denim for today!









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