Little (HUGE) Town its a (not so) Quiet Village, and No, It’s Not EPCOT

Obvs. I am not going to post my address, but you can get a good idea of where I live. I do miss being in the 8th near 567898765 metro lines because now I only have one line to use. It was also a lot closer to things ” because it takes like an extra ten minutes to get everywhere which slightly annoys me. But, at least I am not in Saint Denis, Aubervilliers or Antony!

Sometimes when the sun is shining like today I just want to start singing “Bonjour! BONJOUR! Bonjour! BONJOUR!” like a certain animated Disney Princess. I then realize that is not possible because French people do not sing, smile, or yell BONJOUR to strangers in the rue.

Hipster Belle made me snort up my diet coke in Mcdo. Classy.
I love this couture version of them, so cute! I saw this on a blog, and it did not link to the original artist, so just know that.
Actually, the evil ones are a lot cooler. I prefer this set.
ALWAYS ALWAYS loved these series of adds for the park. I thought they were quite clever.


I love the recent resurgence of Disney Princess popularity.  I always loved Ariel, but she pretty much gives up everything for a dude who didn’t even choose her at first. Considering she even dies in the real version of the story is also a little disheartening. I also loved Pocahontas because it was a real (if not embellished) story.  She also died young. There is so much stuff on them all over the place from hipster Disney princess to fashion archetypes as seen above. Tangent ended, moving on.

I really have not had the chance to walk around my new area. I had stayed here for a couple of weeks a few years back, but I never really explored Neuilly. It is so quiet and residential, but I really like it because its like a small village. I cannot believe I said two weeks ago that I wanted to live here and that it would never happen because its too cher, but here I am! There is a great market two blocks from my house and mall like thing pretty close by too (Palais de Congres). I really would never have to “venture” into Paris (of course venturing means literally crossing the block because I live right on the dotted line). However, that would be silly and would never happen.

The ‘mall’ has like two stores in it. and a Starbucks. I doubt I will ever use it, but it is convenient if I ever need something from the Gap. I find myself going to La Defense more often because they really do have a hugggeeee mall like America. There is even a pretzel shop; it’s a little creepy. This thing even glitters in tune with the Eiffel Tower every hour.
near ma house
See mom! Malls do exist in Francia!
La Defense, the locale of the mall abouve and the scary arche like structure in the midst of the towers.

OK, I have to end this post with one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. It is a little old because its makes fun of Disney Princesses and Springbreakerssss. Do not watch if you find fratty humour offensive. (Link does not want to embed directly into my page, but check it out:  



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