UPDATE In which I find my place in Paris

After two months of searching, I finally found my place! It is so tiny and on the 6th floor sans elevator (7th for you N. Americans) but, it is all my own!!!! It is super cheap and in a FABULOUS location. I really could not ask for a better place. I am now Neuilly-Sur-Seine’s latest resident! I am so happy, you have no idea! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off me. AHHHHH I just can’t believe it happened so fast! I really gave up looking the past week because I was tired of hearing “non!”

I saw this too-good-to-be-true add on leboncoin.fr and poof! I get a response to see it this evening. My rapport with the propriataire (IDK the word in English) was really good. I just cannot believe it!!! AHHHHHHH

I would post pictures but the add has been taken down. I will post them ASAP though!


OK so quite a bit has happened since I signed on the dotted line for my own little shoebox! I didn’t think I would be too squished…. and I am not, but all my crap has yet to find a home. I bought a clothes rack and it keeps breaking down. I have had to secure it with colorful tape in the meantime. I was also afraid I would get water everywhere with my shower, but actually that is not the case. Cooking has also been quite easy. The real surprise to me was sleeping as it is not as quaint as I remember. The bed seems smaller than I remember… and because of the slanted roof my pillows push me too far forward, and my toes dangle over the edge if I am not careful. Ha! However, I have learned how to re-position myself so that I sleep comfortable and soundly.

I have been running all over Paris going to all these different stores buying stuff for my shoebox. Tati is this one place in the gghhheetttooo of Paris, but its like Walmart on European steroids. I bought many of my household things there. They have really cheap discounts on beauty products. I got this lip stain from Maybeline that I have has my eye on for a while for 4 euro when the same one is 12 euro at Monoprix. However, do not go here unless you are willing to deal with a gritty crowd at the metro who blow down your neck as you pass. Gross.


 Casa is more enjoyable, and I have only found one in Paris. It is kind of like a Pier 1 (which also exists here, but is more expensive…. I think…. Now that I think about it I have not checked it out and probably should).
Next is Castorma which is exactly like Home Depot only which more furniture. It is pretty inexpensive as well. I have not done an Ikea run as I have been able to find things off LeBonsCoins for cheap-o furniture. The little table you see in my pictures was 5 euro! Not bad for a solid piece of furniture.
However, my favorite indulgence by far is Zara home. This store is unbelievable with their selection of fabrics, pillows, accessories and even clothes. It is just color and paisley (my favorite pattern) overload!
Now, I am just playing the organization game with all my little bits and pieces. Living in a shoebox will be definitely interesting, but I think it is a growing trend. I recently read an article in the NYT on it that I cannot find ATM, but will post later when I do! Anyway, this blog will take a new turn as I begin documenting my experience living there!
This is my bed! and the little table. The bed turns into a chair thing, and I love these sheets I bought from Zara home.
This is my bed! and the little table. The bed turns into a chair thing, and I love these sheets I bought from Zara home.
So, as you can see it is a shoebox, but it is all mine!
So, as you can see it is a shoebox, but it is all mine!


The table pops up like a murphy bed
The table pops up like a murphy bed
The "kitchen area"
The “kitchen area”

ALLORA , that is it for now and stay tuned for more updates!


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