Wandering the Opera and Riding in the Bois de Vincennes

OK PEOPLE onto my weekly update held on Sunday evenings/afternoons depending on your locale. I had hoped this would be a more than a once a week sort of thing, but right now it just is not. I feel kind of like head of state addressing my public on the current issues and affairs dominating my life every week. Anyway.


Let’s see. I got a mini job last week tutoring English, I saw the Opera Garnier fo’ free for some special event this weekend, I flash my ID constantly as it gets me in free to places like Musee d’Orsay today, and still no apartment! I was coming off a rough week, and this week was just normal and hectic as ever scrambling to find a place.

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I adore Chagall, and I had never seen the concert hall either!

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There was a club in here the last time I visited for the Ball de l’X put on by the Ecole Militaire. It was super cool because me and a bunch of girls from JYF went to this crazy ornate ball where they danced the quadrille and everything. I wore my homecoming dress, and it was so much fun!

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I have been wandering today around this city, as usual. I took a lot of pictures of my favorite bridge by the Tuilleries, as usual.

ACTUALLY, I went riding on Tuesday, and it took me days to recover from happiness and sore muscles. I had not been riding consistently in the past two years. I have had a lesson here and there, but am starting back up again at a barn in the Bois de Vincennes. There are actually a few in the area, and I may shop around. The one I went to was really nice and it had a HUGE arena, but the schedule is weird, they are full until July, and the barn people where kinda clique-y. Also, it is a bit of a hike even with public transportation and if I ride at night like I did on Tuesday, the park is not some place you want to be walking. I did not get off the horse till 11 p.m. and I flagged down a random girl who had been in my class.

You can kind of see how big it is from this picture + they have 80 horses and trails, and a cross country course!

So, yeah, that was fun and much needed. I just wish it was not so crazy with its schedule otherwise I would ride a couple of times a week. Also, I really despise the transition period where you have to wait for the barn to get to know you and understand how you ride before they really trust you with the horses. The instructor was pretty impressed with my seat/ position despite not being in a saddle for a long time. It is interesting here though how they ride more behind the motion of the horse. It was pretty Dressage based, and as a hunter rider I was confused at being told to sit so far back! At least they do  not post on the inside diagonal like the Germans!


Just one of the barns of the UCPA


Creepy road to the barn
There is even a bar/ club house, how cute!


Was going to blog about the rest of my day, but it will end up being too long, so I split! ciao raggaziii


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