W(h)ine Part Deux and Blogging Blah Blah Blah

Oh, where to begin? Nothing special lately. Still no apartment, but I did go to Angouleme which I hope was for the last time. I wrote this while I was there, but never posted it:

vintage Angouleme

Blogging live from Angouleme!!! I have a whole day here, and I am already bored after one hour. Hence, my blogging.  I took covoiturage at 6 am from Paris, and we made it in record time. I closed my eyes for half a second, and the next thing I know we had arrived! Obvs. I slept the whole way as I had not slept the night before.

I went to drop off my valise and the Foyer people were like OMG FINALLY YOU ARE HERE 4 MONTHS LATER! I did not stay long as I was meeting my friend and colleague from days as an assistant here. She was always realllyy really nice to me as she was always taking me out to lunch or dinner. Then for Christmas she got me all this Agnes B. makeup.  I felt like a terrible person because I was not able to get her something as I had maybe 50 centimes to my name. So, this time I brought her a little  present from Parrisss.

We went to one of my fav. places in Angouleme, the Pistou and then a little salon de the afterwards. Now… I wait and blog in the libary because I do not want to deal with my leftovers from Angouleme. ca me nerve.

more vintage Angouleme

Actually, I made it back just fine. I stayed super close to the train station, and I managed to drag my stuff across the country thanks to help from random people who loaded me on off the bus and train. The only pit fall was an evil French man who worked for the train station who refused to let me cross the tracks even though I had done it before.


tumblr_mkl5ii0sqw1r200i6o1_500 tumblr_mkainwjktG1qmh67wo1_500
point to point - 35


At the moment, I am having a hard time justifying this crazy plan of mine. I feel like I am missing out on Kentucky Derby parties, being wild in America, family, preppy clothing, and a real job. I don’t want to give up as I have been here like two months, but at the same time its reaalllllyyy hard. Like a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know I am sure it seems like all I do is whine or complain, but right now its all I have to give. Almost nothing is working out as far as Paris goes at the moment. Le sigh.

I just want to go back to Sweet Bush. and play with ponies, and go to college parties, and have a car, fratty things annnnndd be in Virginia. I know now I would never move back to Louisiana, but I would go back to VA/ D.C. in a heart beat. I just cannot give up on Paris yet, not until I have literally exhausted all options.

I am hoping this current state of affairs passes quickly because it puts me in a rather foul mood.

I recently came across a superb copy of this for 50 cents at a thrift store. I bought it obvi.



2 thoughts on “W(h)ine Part Deux and Blogging Blah Blah Blah

  1. t’inquiete, maybe teach some english ? all the college arties are gone, a lot of people in dc are pricks, and honestly the grass is always greener 😉 never give up!

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