The New Mojito and the Ant

The other day I asked for a Monaco at a bar/ cafe. This is not a complicated drink i.e. grenadine and beer. However, it took the waiter a while to come back. Eventually he sits a giant cocktail in front of me with all these things in it. Turns out he thought I said Mojito. What-evs, I drank it anyway.

The Monaco, what the French drink on a hot summer day.
NOT a mojito.

Also, this week I found real live BBQ in Paris. Who knew its been around for 3 years? I do not even eat BBQ or pork at home, but it was the student deal, and so I got it.  It was, like, amazing. But, the weird thing was the guy was like “are you ready for your cheesecake?” when I got to go pay, and I was like uh…. I don’t even really like cheesecake, and the go noticed my face and was like “oh, you can take it to go if you want!” and I was like sure, Ill share it w/ my host family. Well, the total ended up being like 9.5 euro and I was like uuhhhh. So, due to some misunderstanding the dude just gave me the cheesecake and my friend and I split it later at a cafe.
interesting find.


So, today is a bank holiday in France, and it is one of like 5 million this month. I am pretty sure I was on my way to London this time last year. Le sigh, I just want to freaking travel. HOWEVER I AM SELF BANISHED UNTIL I FIND AN APARTMENT. It has been even slower this week. There has been nothing posted and/ or people do not respond $%#$@.

A friend and I went to the Fourmi, a cute cafe near the Cigale which I have a weird history with, yesterday and had like super intellectual conversations. I was going to discuss, but I don’t feel like it. I JUST WANT AN APARTMENT. My mind is only focused on one thing at the moment, if you have not guessed. Anyway, we also discussed going to Turkey and Morocco in September. I have not been to Morocco since my junior year abroad. I think I am ready for round two. But, gosh, a trip to Corfu would be nice too. Plus, I want to go to Firenze and the south of France. SO MANY PLACES.

I feel like showing off my many travels. I may later.

Inside the Fourmi
Right next to the Cigale, metro Pigalle. Can’t miss it.


I have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go to Angouleme to get my stuff. YAY.


One thought on “The New Mojito and the Ant

  1. Becky

    Ahhh the monaco/mojito thing happened to me and sharee the first time we went out with you to that bar before pizza with the students! your blog is giving me itchy feet aaagh!

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