French Fried (HOW TO DRESS LIKE A FRENCH PERSON) and a Melange of Other Appetizing Things

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I found this on a blog. Idk if they wrote it or not, but I liked it.

So, today was weird fashion day in the capital of global mode domination. I saw a slew of girls with no pants on. I mean, they were wearing leggings. But, those do not pants make. Then, I saw a really tall woman in a pink beach kaftan wearing stripper heels in the middle of the city. Also, I saw a man wearing a revolting sweatshirt with FRENCH FRIES printed on it. What is this new hipster thing/ obsession with actually wearing food? Its really weird. They all need to go back to Shoreditch. In case you do not know what I am talking about, watch this little gem:  (pardon the err… French in the video, but it is quite accurate!)

New age fun with a vintage feel!

Basically, I am a part time blogger with my own jewelry line. It is a mix of religious iconography with a Saved by the Bell feel.

Moving on. I decided to make a guide on how to dress like a real Parisian! This will be the ultimate guide on how to look like an actual French person I saw today!

"SUPER HIGH FASHION" by sweetvixen on Polyvore


THIS IS the actual sweatshirt I saw today. SO COOL!!!
Buy them here ( for only 35 euro!!

WHY EAT YOUR FOOD WHEN YOU CAN WEAR IT? Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Well, in France, they really take that seriously.

At least they aren't completely see-through?

Don’t feel like wearing pants? Well, you are in luck! The French do not like to wear them either! Luckily, you can pull on some see through spandex like these that will really show off your curves!

If they are not hurting, then they are not working!

Of course, no outfit is complete without some lovely plastic platform heels! These babies will look great with your fry shirt and leggings!

Ok, enough fun for the day. Still apartment searching. I went to Casa today and mentally bought everything I will need and want for my future studio.




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