Peaches and Cream: Whine, Wine or Win?

 WARNING: Do not read this if you do not want to hear me complaining or whining because that is all this post is I am afraid.

I have a feeling I lost my little shoebox apartment. I have not gotten the call, and this makes me sad. I must start the search all over again. I am including pictures of it so you people know what kind of things I am looking at in my price range. Click here to see it.

Yes, it was super small, but it was everything I wanted and more. You cannot beat 300 euro for its location, Père Lachaise, which is more important to me than anything. I am not bitter, not at all. Moving on.

I have been feeling despondent this whole week I guess because I was so worked up over the flat, and to not get it is disappointing. I know there will be others, but its so hhhhhhaaarrdd, whhhhiiiiiinnnneee. I have been here for almost two months, and I have until May 24th to find one. I do not want to say I am desperate, but that is the way I am feeling at the moment. OK, I’m done whining.

I had breakfast with my little host father whom I adore. He is always going off about some composer or music that I know nothing of (he’s a cellist) but, I find it endearing. He made me French press coffee and it must have been the first time I have ever had it because it was amazing. Now, I will only drink that. I used to love using those little Italian things to make espresso, but mine never turned out right. Of course, when I was in Florence, the Italian women made it perfectly! Also, I do not think anywhere but Italy has better cappuccino and for cheap too. Here (France in general) it costs like 3 euro and in Florence it is easily a third of that and 3 times better.

Made in ItalyI like my coffee strong. Eaten with a fork, actually. Here's a French Press...a great way to drink coffee. The Italian Coffee espresso machine vs. The French Press…..just makes better coffee that is not as rich or strong as the Italian thing (I don’t know the name).

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, and I was sad I could not be there to hang out with him. 😦 This week has not been the best Paris week I must admit. When I started this blog, I wanted it to be fun and airy. I did not think I would write about the difficulties of living abroad, but I think I almost should. It makes it more realistic, and people can have a better idea of what its like in a foreign country. Paris ain’t always peaches and cream, cheries.

I just do not know many people here as I once did (I literally have 4 people in my phone’s contact list)  and…. that annoys me. I am trying to meet new people, but if you have ever lived in a foreign country, then you understand how hard it is. I once read that French people meet all their friends by age 22 because by then they are in university and close themselves off to others.  I am not saying that it is true, but I am sure it does have a grain of truth to it.

This is going to sound very silly, but I get really envious of other Parisian bloggers who seem to be having this amazing Parisian life that I have not obtained yet. Who knows, they are not blogging about the nitty, gritty and they could be miserable for all I know. But, when you Instagram pictures of going to all these amazing events, wearing cool clothes, and walking around with Parisian boyfriends, it makes me wonder, “how the hell did they do that/ pull that off?!” Sure, I have been here for a month and a half, BUT I AM READY NOW MR. FRENCH MAN!

 I am not trying to meet only French people. Plus, I find that foreigners always think they sound cool if they “only have French friends.” In fact, I have noticed that Americans especially like the name/ nationality drop of  “Oh, my French friend lives there” or “Oh, my French friend took me there.” Gag me with a spoon.

a pretty spoon at least…

PLUS, being a foreigner, I always seem to meet the student types. I am at the age where I do not necessarily want to hang out with students because let’s be honest, they are on average 5 years younger than me! 25 seems like its time to meet older people, but then older people can be boring too… Le sigh. I am not having a good week as I prefaced in the beginning.

Ok, I have had enough of my whining for the moment. Hopefully, this next week will be much better. I did not buy my Navigo pass this week, and that tends to keep me in my area. I do not think I will do that again, as I need to reconnect with this city. There are so many free things that I can enjoy, and the weather as of late is beautiful.

Congratulations if you read all of this. I reward you with some pretty pictures I found.


reminds me of Toscana
reminds me of Toscana… This entire week I have been missing Florence like mad. I miss it so much, but I refuse to travel until I have a permanent place.
In the end, I just want my Parisian life to look like this.

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