Lotus Eaters or Lilly of the Snow People?

I think I have found the perfect apartment. And by perfect I mean that it is in Paris, cheap, has a window, and of course, it is the size of a shoebox. But, it would be my shoe box. I do not even know if I know where to put my suitcase, but I would make it oh, so cute. I have a visit Friday, and hopefully I will see if it works out. I will take it immediately if it does!

So here is my ideal aesthetic for my apartment via Lilly Pulitzer:

(I pulled images from their Facebook where they were showing off this incredible new store, and I think it must be the prettiest store I have ever seen.)

                                                                                This will be the size of my flat, so I need to take note.I adore this carpet.

I would love to one day work for Lilly. Unfortunately, their HQ is in Pennsylvania. En mon avis, you cannot have a Palm Beach lifestyle brand BASED IN THE FREAKING SNOW! What part of armpit of America scream palm trees and colorful prints?
Reminds me of this project I did in 2nd grade where we had to make scenes to fit inside a shoebox. I don’t think I realized I would be living in one one day.

I watched this really bizarre movie last night called the Lotus Eaters (if you don’t know what a lotus eater is then you need to read the Odyssey. In short, it is is basically someone who does nothing but lazily enjoy the finer things in life.) Anyway, you could tell it was the type of thing that took itself very seriously. It was about a group of wild 20 somethings in London who do drugs all day, party, wear pretty clothes, and ride horses. It was intriguing and weird bc it was black and white, hence the pretension.

The lemur was so random, but the star of the show.
The lemur was so random, but the star of the show.


Overall, I do not recommend it because it was like one long amazing sound track someone had discovered by pressing random on their iPhone. It was basically a movie written to accommodate a soundtrack. At 70 minutes long, it was pretty short too. One the plus side there was super cute guy singing:

the real lotus eaters

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