The World Tour and the Blunt Astronaut

Mark Twain - Travel Quote
This is my fav. quote in the whole wide world. Twain bores me otherwise.
My passport looks like this. I have a year and a half to renew it and only 12 spots left!!!

The apartment search was waaaaayyy slow this week. I have been trying to figure out what I plan to do with myself if I am not successful which I doubt, but I should be realistic too. This plan will also be enforced if I dont renew my visa that expires in December of this year. Again, I think I will be able to but, one never knows. So the plan: THE WORLD TOUR!!!

Where will you wander? #wanderlust #travel #quoteThis heart of mine was made to travel the world... #travel #quote

I have never been to SE Asia, South America, parts of Africa, the Pacific Rim etc etc. It is getting to that point where I am dying to go. I am always reading about people who are going on these year long trips and just seeing it all. I want to do this too! However, I do not want to leave France just yet. In the same breath I want to do this trip while I am in my 20’s, and before I start a master’s program. 26 seems like a good age to do this. Plus, my dear, dear brother works for an airline and I am his designated travel partner meaning very discounted tickets for me (if he so allows of course!).

travel travel travel
how I try not to pack even if it ends up this way….

travel Travel

Work is boring me. I need something a little more exciting. We were at a bar last weekend and these French “astronauts” (I believed them for some bizarre reason until my friend told me later they were Gendarmes hahahahah) asked me what I did. I replied with pigiste (means freelancer, which I am not really sure if people know this word bc I always get weird looks or people say oh, what kind? or what does that mean? I have been told its pretty jargon-ish for the type of work I do.)

Anyway, one guy was like ” Oh you are a journalist?” and, to me this is a loaded question. I am not a journalist in anyway or form and I know that. However, its so complicated explaining to someone in a bar what I do at 5 am that I cannot be bothered so I said yes I was. Well, then the one guy wouldn’t let me off so easily, so I explained what I really did and that I was not a journalist. OK, so getting to the point of this story, later in the night the guy was like joking in a blunt way was like “a pigiste is down here and a journaliste is up here,” as he tipped his hands like a scale.

At first I was a little taken aback, but the truth is he is right. I do not want to demean my current work, but it makes me realize I would like to become more professional and write things that actually have my name on it as opposed to copy writing. I just am not sure what would be the right way to go about doing this.

I think it is funny how I have ended up doing this “writing” thing. I enjoy it for the most part, but at the moment I am in a plateau to size of Uluru (which I hope to see soon!).

Travel Quote
Gooooooooodddd I love Bordain, I think he is…. so ravishing.

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