Glitter (Again), Turbulence, and Other Nonsense


Blah blah I have nothing interesting to say. This could just be a picture post, I haven’t decided. In other news, Spring has sprung in Paris. FINALLY. In not so other news, still no flat. I saw a cute pink room on Saturday but it was in the, ahem, banlieu. So, no go.

I saw this adorable French movie called Amour et Turbulances. Pretty much has every cliche you could imagine including running through the airport, kissing at the Eiffel Tower, and mascara raccoon eyes. If anything, it was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon looking at fabulously attractive French man.

Cliche #1
For a French guy, Nicolas Bados is not bad at all. I cannot figure him out though bc he has some weird philosophical book/ tv gig thing going on. Anyway, he is really nice to look at for two hours.

For one thing, Boston terrified me thanks to unwittingly clicking on really macabre images. Its such a horrible thing that I cannot understand why or how people could do that to other person? It makes you put things in perspective. Anyway, I have been on Umerica clock sleep time and it needs to stop. I have to much to do otherwise, and waaayy too much work to do. Oh, yeah and I need to find a place to live.

My former-current-amazing host family lady made crepes and tarte for dinner. It was uh-mazing like most all homemade French food. Uhm, Ok, so commences picture post because I have nothing else to say.

Note: Many of these pictures I grab from rando blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr etc and save them to my computer…. so, use Google image search if you want to find the original. I pulled many from Breakfast at Yurmans

tumblr_mkl5ii0sqw1r200i6o1_500tumblr_mkjr4e0z8S1qgtesmo1_500 tumblr_mkf8slk85j1qj551io1_500tumblr_mkil8jZACS1r25w7mo1_500 tumblr_mjz10n0VHm1r1si11o1_500




My Blog's namesake
My Blog’s namesake
Obsessed with this scarf below. It reminds me of one I got from a market outside Milano Centrale. — Me with scarf in Menton.
love the colours
love the colours

Can you guess I like glitter, travel, pink, and sequins?


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