Flat Shopping in Paris

Paris appartment
I will take this please!
un appartement à Paris
I just want to decorate my little studio!!!
Un appartement méditerranéen à Paris  Regardez les films suivants sur Un apparetment à Paris et répondez aux questions proposées:  https://vialogues.com/vialogues/play/6714
I ADORE this color.
Appartement d'hôtes à Paris    We will visit you again one day :)
avec a pte terrasse!
Parisian loft…. je le veuxxx!!!!!

So, apartment shopping. I have been back here for a month this Wednesday, and I am still looking. I knew it was going to take while, but it still came as a bit of shock. This was rather naive of me, but I was being a little too hopeful. Thankfully, I had a great host family my junior year abroad who is letting me stay with them while I search. I have until the end of May to find something….. if not, then I am not sure what I will do. I have received an offer from a foyer, but I cant have people over and I have to buy a meal plan. Its also a little more than I want to spend, but if I am desperate enough I will have to take it.

Ideally, I want to live with my Brazilian friend once her roommate moves out. However, said roommate is refusing to budge even though she has said she will be leaving for over a year now. So, now my friend and I are beginning the search together. Really, I am desperate for anything at this point. I just want my own place to decorate and buy things for mwahaha. I do not want my trip to Ikea or my searching on Pinterest to be in vain.

Ikea did a fishbowl esque thing here they had people living in Auber for a week in this apartment last January. I was sorry I missed it!
Ikea also put real furniture in the metro. I have seen this done before at bus stops by other furniture companies.

It is just hard to not get stressed out over this. I am trying to remain positive, but I need a place before I can secure my next visa (which is a whole other ball game). I have Plans A-D in case nothing does work out, but for once I would like life in France to go smoothly. I am not asking for easy because I know that’s not possible. However, smoothly and seamlessly would be appreciated.

My weekend was quite bizarre. Friday, I went out with this guy who honestly tried to bite my face off. Needless to say, I will not be answering any calls, but at least I got a free dinner out of it. Saturday was much better but, no less interesting. I was the only person who did not speak Spanish at this birthday party I was invited to by a girl I met last Saturday. I had a lovely time, but I will need to brush up on my non existent Spanish skills if I hang out with them again!

If I am being honest, I really need to re-evaluate my French skills. I feel like I am regressing no matter how much I try. My head just cannot wrap the words around my tongue. Every person I talk to only speaks English to me. Shopping for apartments is hard as a foreigner with an accent. I am “fluent” (compared to… other Americans haha) when it comes to listening and reading comprehension. However, my writing and speaking need some work. If only it was Italian…. le sigh.

In other news, I will be going back to Angouleme soon to get the giant body bag I left behind. Honestly, I do not want to even think about the stuff I have to carry from there to here. I am not sure how I will transport it. I will definitely need to bring an extra empty suitcase down there. AHHH!! At the very least, I should be able to walk around the city for a bit. If it is nice out, I would like to go to the lake!

View from Ang. flat. Not Paris but nice.

I do not miss Angouleme so much, but it was nice having my own place. I also did like the small atmosphere of the rustic city center. Paris is quite large, and I would like to be in a more neighborhood-y area like around Park Monceau or Neuilly. However, that will only happen quand je gagne le loto!

One of my more fav. BD paintings in the city
The edge of Place New York
closet and tiny bathroom on right and not seen is kitchenette
closet and tiny bathroom on right and not seen is kitchenette
Old flat wasnt much but I loved it and you cannot beat 75 euro rent!
Old flat wasnt much but I loved it and you cannot beat 75 euro rent!
M 263
Old calendars = wall art
M 259
4th floor= super sunny!
Angouleme- Its reality!

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