Laissezing the Bon Temps (Good Times) Go

Note: This is a monster post. I could have easily split it up, but I didn’t feel like it. I just wanted Funroe to be in one massive post.  You have been warned!! Plus, it goes pretty far back too….

OK Whew! Quite a bit has happened since my last post. I had my 23rd birthday (er…haha), and I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans! Both events were fun. They were not life changing or anything, but significant. I know it will take a lot to top my 21st birthday (I was in Paris, went to my first fashion show, partied wildly with Australians, went on the Eiffel tower, got my first Louis Vuitton, and had dinner on a Seine- cant beat that!), and NOLA was absolutely amazing, but not enough to make me want to move there forever.

One my birthday we hopped over to Jackson for some shopping and lunch at this Greek place called Keifers. Its pretty cute and has tons of Santorini crap all over the walls. I got a lovely diamond on a delicate gold wire which I adore. It had like a Harry Winston esque case that was a joy to open. My brother got me this adorable vintage wooden purse printed with a map of some European river. I had seen it that day walking around Antique Alley, and he had remembered!

My necklace!

At night, we went to Cotton, a nice local restaurant that has pretty good southern cuisine. I had a baked fish with crab belinis. My mom had this amazing chicken thing. It was just a nice quiet family celebration which I have not had since high school. Frankly, I enjoyed  myself because this was essentially what I wanted. I was not in the mood for another birthday in Paris (also home to the worst birthday ever- my 22nd [loonnng story short I was there on a whirlwind high from the year before. However, a rather… nasty incident left me all alone until an acquaintance came to the rescue.])

Roast Chicken from Cotton
My backed fish with crab meat Bellinis.
Cow print paper!
This was my birthday cake lol
My brother and I went to Enoch’s after!

OK so, the next day my brother and I went to this RV and Boat show because there is literally nothing else to do in my town. It was interesting…somehow it turned into a gun show and there were stickers about Obama and Fascism and the like. I was scared I would be found out and coerced into becoming an NRA right-wing extremist! Luckily, no such thin happened. I did happen to find a coin sell-er with a 5 euro bill. I “bought” it off him for $4, not the best deal but can complain. The most interesting thing though was seeing how the other half live. When I say the other half I mean…. trailer and camper people. Some had fireplaces and hard wood flooring. Who knew such finery existed in these spaces? Moving on.

Unfortunately, this trailer bathroom might be bigger and nicer than my soon to be Parisian home.
THIS IS A CAMPER! I dont understand…
The gun show was really scary.
If we were forced to carry guns and I had to choose due to a an apocalypse, I would choose the cute little one there! I wonder if it comes in pink…
Or… maybe I would carry around a blow dart gun…
These stickers…. just really described the atmosphere of the crowd: SCARY

Monroe Mardi Gras was a couple of weekends before the real thing. I actually had a lot of fun drinking daiquiris and walking up and down Louisville and West Monroe during the parade….hahahaha

My brother in WM for Mardi Gras festivities before the parade.
It looks safe?
Ouchita River and WM and Funroooeeee


My home town.

Fancy gator on a stick?
hmmmm Thanks Krewe of Anus…er Janus!





The following week I went to the REAL Mardi Gras with my BFF from HS and her friend from Med School. We stayed at her bf’s place near St. Charles which was a nice location to walk from. The entire weekend was full of Mardi Gras madness: drinking, parades, beads, drinking, beads, sleep, beads, drinking etc. I got soooo many beads!! My favorites were these huge pink and silver pair from Endymion. Bacchus has some great grape beads too. The whole weekend was exactly what I needed after two months of “partying” in Funroe. Of course, we got beignets on the way out. I then stayed in Shreveport for several days before heading home with my friend who was going to a bridal shower that weekend.

I am afraid my NOLA pictures are to be left for wanting. Normally, I find at least a few OK shots out of the million that I take. That did not seem to happen this trip unfortunately!

Budweiser Clydesdales before the Endymion Parade
No idea who these guys where, but they were fun! I think this was Bacchus, but I cannot remember..
VMI was at Endymion!
I thought these were the CUTEST cheer outfits I had ever seen. I wish we had had monogram mock turtle-neck mini dresses when I was one!
Everyone just leaves out all their stuff at night.
so fun!

My last weekend before leaving I was able to go to Landry Vineyards for the start of the concert series. It was so fun, and they were playing Zydeco music, and I to try all their wines, plus I rolled down their hill! I must say, Redneck Muscadine just seems to have that effect on me! Check them out

The vineyard!
The band!

Plus, here are some various pictures. I assume if I had an Instaram account that this is what I would post on there. But, alas, I do not.

Ginny and I at the Bridal Show.
My friend lives near Centenary and I took a stroll around their campus and found this quote that I quite liked: To Be What We Are and Become What We Are Capable of Becoming is the Only Way to End This Life.
found this at a random store, but loved it.
The same store had this attached to a pillow… just in case you didnt know how to fluff a pillow by throwing it on the ground! lol
Cupcake bath fizz!
I saw these at a bridal show and found them so adorable!
I liked the brooches on this. The bridal show was like going to a Pinterest convention.
I saw this at a local boutique and loved it from first sight. I do not know why I did not get it! I am still bitter…
The lovely Dogwood Tree in my front yard.

I was overwhelmed just from all the stuff that I cannot imagine even planing my own wedding when the time comes. There is so much to choose and consider! I am glad I do not have to worry about things like that even if I do like stalking pictures on Pinterest. Anyway, I think this enough pictures and Funroe for now. Paris updates later!


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