Time to Say Adieu Soon and Traveling Essentials

Ok not adieu but avoir to america next week! I am slightly freaking out because I need to find an apartment. I will miss LA, but it is time to go. I should have left this week, but I had to have a wisdom tooth removed, yuck. Ill post a more detailed post of where I have been, the ughh last two months…, later.I have been packing, and I dont think I am going to be able smush everything into a carry on and one checked bag. Le sigh. I roll things and I try to cut down as much as possible….but its hard when I have bulky coats and shoes.

So, I am often ask what I used when I travel. These are my most common traveling accessories:

I got this when I turned 21, and its a dream to travel with thanks to its x body strap and small size. It fits everything I need from passport to camera. It also can be hidden easily to the side so that I dont have to check it into my bag when going through notorious 1 BAG ONLY AIRLINES ie Ryan Air or Easy Jet.
Coach x body bags are also a good alternative if you want a brand. I stole this one from my mom and plan to use it when in a place where I don’t want to bring my LV. I used to not where Coach abroad because people instantly mark you as American which can make you a target. However, the brand is gaining more well known in France. Any x body works well, but I like well made bags that I know will not fall apart on the road.
These are so amazing. Always travel with wipes, but these are my preferred choice because they make me feel so clean after a day of grimy travel.
Roller ball perfumes are also a must. Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Juicy are quite nice.
I use like a million air france eye masks. There are much cuter ones out there, but Ive just always used this one to sleep well on bright trains or hostel rooms.
This is my BFF when traveling. I have had two and mine is so beat up, but it holds so much and can be smushed to appear like it can fit on notorious budget airlines small standard. Its a little more than the average carry one, but it has not failed me yet.
A WiFi compatible device is also a must. I alternate between my Kindle Fire and iPhone just because its useful for maps, information, and checking mail. Plus, they are small enough to fit in a purse. I recommend a phone or at least anything smaller than 7 inches.
A large scarf or pashmina will keep you warm on planes, and covered in modest places. TAKE ONE ALWAYS. I like baby or hot pink, mint green, or camel.
A travel pillow is a must when traveling if you value your comfort! Also, I like putting something between my face and hostel pillows. It also supports your neck when on long bus rides. I got this fun little guy for Christmas, and I cant wait to use him!

I also like Longchamps or tasteful Vera Bradley when going on quick weekend trips. I adore packing light, but sometimes its hard to do. I was able to fit a whole weekend of clothes into a small Longchamps one weekend to Munich. I just brought one pair of jeans, two chiffon dresses, leggings, and two chiffon shirts. Chiffon is a great thing because it doesn’t wrinkle and can still look dressy.

People are always asking me about Paris or how I live abroad. I think I need to create a post to point people to so I don’t have to keep writing it out. So….be expecting that!

Until then, I am going to be all style blogger and post things I wear when traveling and abroad.

LIMOGES- This Jason Wu for Target dress is amazzing. Try to find a dress that can be dressed up or down and in a fabric that doesnt wrinkle. This dress is like a crepe-y fabric ideal for running around small French towns.Note that ankle boots, and black leggings are also a must.
SAINTES- Ok tbad quality, but trench coats and colorful scarves go a long way too!
Krakow- Always pack jeans when traveling for those days you just dont want to dress up. Also, I fell in love with this 3/4 sleeve coat from Old Navy. The pink red is different from my daily black, and the shorter sleeves make it more…unique?
Paris- I am a sucker for cardi coats and LBD’s. They are classic, can be smushed in a ball while traveling, and they still look chic!

OK, big post over. Thats all for now! If I think of more things, I will post later! xxx



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