Paris, Palm Beach, Ponies, Funroe, and Pinterest. Ok, and some antiques.

My favourite things: Pink, Paris, and Louis Vuitton. God I sound so…WASP-y

I have been home for about a month now, and I am here for another one because I am going to Mardi Gras!! (more on that later)  I am starting to feel ready to go back to Paris. However, I had some fun in my little town today. There is the great street full of little boutiques and antiques stores. I spent the morning walking around with my brother. He eventually had to go to work, but I stayed to look around. I really wanted to buy some home decor things, but I know things like that will take up valuable space in my suit case! I ended up just getting a colorful scarf for Parisian winters, and some books. Here are some pictures of my town’s Antique Alley:

Its sooo Main Street USA
I think this would be a good spot for a photo shoot. I wouldnt be suprised if it used for that. Notice the blue sky because its been pouring ice/sleet/rain for the past week!
ITS COMING!! window of the costume shop
I thought this was a cool idea for a fountain!

I want, no NEED this gold bracelet I found.
I dont know what this is, but I loved that I found random tagging in Funroe just like in Francia!!

BONUS!!! Remember that vineyard in Funroe? Well, my mom drove me out to look at it. I actually had some of their wine over Christmas. It was like a red muscato..interesting!

Its not very big, but cute nonetheless.
Its no rolling hills of Nappa, but I think its nice to support local things.

 I am really missing ponies at the moment. I have not ridden consistently since my first year in France. It is hard to fine a barn when you dont have a car, and live in a city. I have a book that I bought a while ago that tells you where to ride in Paris. Finding a barn is going to be one of the first things I do when I go back.  I would ride at home, but my old barn does not do lessons anymore. Plus, it was like one of 3 hunter/ jumper barns in the area. My only other option is to go to a…… very interetsing bar where my first beloved horse, Oakley, died. For obvious reasons, I will never go back there again. Sometimes, I just want to move to Palm Beach/ Wellington, and live a life of luxury living in Lilly Pulitzer, and riding horses all day.

Lilly herself!
After working at the moose store for 5 years, it is hard not to imagine life as a Bruce Weber photo shoot complete with pretty people and horses!
Kate Upton for Vogue Germany January 2013 – Bruce Weber
This is a Lilly horse pillow on Etsy I saw on some blog! I cannot find the designer though…
Equestrian Realty in Wellington. Check please!

Ok, so I was so against joining Pinterest because it was just another thing that would suck up my time. As it turns out, it actually has not. It is a great place to look for style inspiration or for travel! Here are some of my favorite pictures at the moment:

(p.s. I can’t be bothered to source them, but you can link back to my page (

Pinned Image
I love Caapprrii so much. It is soooo beautiful. I have not been in a couple of years since Christmas of 2010!
Pinned Image
This is 1988 cover! I think it looks so fresh, and even modern. I wish they went back to their roots sometimes…
Pinned Image
Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco for Gucci’s new equestrian line. The girl is in line for the Monegasque crown, rides in grand prixs, and now is supplied with a lifetime of designer riding equipment. Some people just have it all!
Pinned Image
This is actually my own picture taken while “sailing” in Santorini hahaha
This is just sooo southern Italian and vintage. It screams easy and care-free glamour to me.
How can you not think this city is the most beautiful in the world? I will be Parisian once again soon enough.
How can you not think this city is the most beautiful in the world?

Alllllrriight, I think I am going to need to do a Polyvore/ Italian and Parisian post soon. However, I just know that I will overload on it once I am abroad! I cannot wait to be Parisian once again.


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