First Ever Beauty Post and Cosmopoliton VoxBox from Influenster

I am so not a beauty blogger. I have tons of makeup and goo, and I love the cosmetic aisle as much as any other girl. However, it’s just not my thing. My friend on the other hand is obsessed over makeup and beauty. She is always getting all these amazing free beauty bags and gifts from companies. You should see her room as its probably 88% beauty products. Once we were in Sephora and she some bizarre product from YSL or something and was gushing over how great her skin felt. I made fun of her because, honestly, I didn’t see a difference. Why not just buy Neutragena or Benefit? Why spend 45 euro on a tiny tube of “magical” creme? But, who am I when it comes to beauty? My friend even chastised me on her blog for making fun of her love for expensive beauty products. I guess that’s what makes the world go around!

There is only one exception to this rule: Dior Show Mascara and lip gloss. There is no comparison to either. My mother always yells at me about having black under my eyes. The one time she complimented my extra long luxurious lashes and lack of black eyes was when I started to wear Dior Show. I tried it after getting a sample from L’Officiel, and its quickly become my favourite.

As for the lip gloss, I once got it as a gift. It was gone in maybe a week because I loved it so much. Maybe it was just the Dior packaging or the color. I am not really sure, but as a result I love their gloss.


This is the new vaproizer thing Ive seen in Sephora and no where else.

Ok- fragrance does not count either. I love Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.

NOW ON TO THE REAL REASON for the beauty blogging! I was selected from Influenster for a box of goodies! Its called the Cosmopolitan VoxBox, and I am going to tell you about it right now!

I got a bar of Ghiradelli chocolate that was called “Sea Salty Escape.” I am not a huge chocolate lover, but it was nice from the bite I had. I shared it with some freinds and they loved it with the wine we were having!

My Vox Box!
My Cosmo VoxBox!

I also like the scent of Forever Red from BBW. I got a cute little bottle that is ideal for travel. It is pretty musky and heavy. Normally, I wear lighter fragrances, but it will be nice for nighttime.

As for the Venus Embrace razor, this was my favorite thing. I have been using disposable razors since I moved to France. MY GOD HOW I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! I am going to only use Venus from now on. I do not need to use shower gel, and my legs are softer and stubble free longer (at least it feels that way!)

As for the Frixion Pilot Pen…. to me it was just a pen. I got orange and black pens in my box. I like that they are erasable, that is nice, but I did not fine them very smooth to write.

I should have done this a lonnnngg time ago, but I only now just getting to this. However, I loved getting my box of things from Influenster!

You should check out Influenster if you have a strong presence in social media and you like letting people know about things you like!

Ok, now onto my favorite nail polish color EVER. Its Essie Luxe Effects “A Cut Above.” I randomly got it for my birthday last year, but it died a horrible sad death when it fell off my top bunk bed in a Santorini Hostel. Sad day. SO, I happened to mention this in Ulta one day with my mom, and I find it in my stocking on Christmas! YAY! (ULTA btw is ammmmaazzinngg. I think I love it more than Sephora. I may need to do a post on them before I leave. I have never even heard of it until seeing it in Funroe!)

Pinned Image
this is what it looks like!! ahhhh pink and glitter!!!
MY bottle.
MY bottle.

My other favorite colors are all pretty much from Kiko, this Italian makeup chain I frequented in Florence and now, Paris. I do love OPI and their names, but they average around 11 euro a pop in France. Essie is like $34567 in Monoprix alone.

I found this great little glitter polish (below) from NYC for like .99 cents. Its called Starry Silver Glitter with specks of blue, pink, and silver. So cute! The one on the far left is from Kiko, and the oblong middle bottle is one of those cavier bottles. I tried it once, and it lasted maybe 5 minutes. Then again I had the 2 pound version from Primark. Maybe the ‘real’ Ciate is better. But it’s around $30, and that is not in the budget of this jetsetters budget.

voxbox 006    

This is my little dresser with some of my cute things and makeup bags. I use a Vera Bradley lunchbox which is perfect because its lined with plastic for my big travels across the pond. I just got this Tory Burch for Target lunchbox that I am going to use for my headbands. You can also see Nina Garcia’s “Little Black Book of Style.” I looooovvee this book. Its essential, I think.

voxbox 007

My last and final comment is on my Michael Kors Oversized Runway watch! I love this thing as it goes with everything I own, and it just looks great mixed with a lot of different bracelets. I got it as gift for my graduation from all of my mother’s friends. The only problem I have with it is that I do not like wearing it while I travel. It is weird having a complex about something I wear all the time at home, but I just do not want to wear it while traveling through Turkey or even London. Anyway, here is my watch:

voxbox 004
Isnt it gorgeous?

anyway, I am always on the look out for a good travel watch. I was in Walmart the other day and I found this:

isnt it like identical??
isn’t it like identical??

I couldn’t believe it!! It is almost like a perfect match for my Michael Kors! It will be perfect for traveling because I don’t care about as it cost $10! If anyone has been wanting a similar one from Michael Kors, then should definitely check it out. I swear this watch is everywhere because I saw it on at least 5 girls on “The Bachelor” last night, and its all over Pinterest. Anyway,

I like the Roman Numerals on this one. Pinterest always shows the watch stacked with glittery bracelets.

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