The Return and Start of a New Year

I saw this fiche in Birmingham. I like its message

Wow! I knew I was not really the best blogger, but a two month absence seems inexcusable! That said, I have been quite busy and much has happened since mid-Octover.

As I write this, I am actually at home in Louisiana. I have been here for about three weeks, and I think I will be here until the end of the month.

Rink near V&A

This post is not going to be to a tacky LIVE YOUR LIFE AND GO FORTH BECAUSE ITS A NEW YEAR kind of post. I am not really in that kind of mood. I think people can decide to make a change or stand no matter what the date. I am just anxious to get back to Paris to finally begin my real life once and for all.

Pont Neuf I think…

Soooooo, I do not really know where to start from the past two months. I spend my last couple of weeks in Angouleme with no real surprises. I went to the U.K. to see a friend in Birmingham. I was able to meet up with several friends there….AND I FOUND THEM – MY GLITTER SHOES!!! I was so excited. I found them at Primark of all the places!


And they were on sale! After Birmingham, I met up with my uncle in London for a quick trip to the V&A to see their costume exhibit. It was pretty cool to see the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Givenchy dress and the like. Also, it was so lovely to see London at Christmas time. I have wanted to do that ever since I first saw Love Actually, the best Holiday movie ever! I took the bus back that I had booked for 5 pounds the day before woohoo! We took the Chunnel back, and I had no idea that the bus was ferried across on a train! I always thought it was just a highway. Who knew?

I quickly snapped a shot of the Givenchy LBD!!! AHHH
The Rodarte Black Swan Costume
The amazing yellow dress from “How to Loose a Guy” and the pink suit is from “Legally Blonde”
Vintage fashion from V&A, I always love looking at this section.

Holiday Decorations in London!
The Chunnel Train

Ok, I adore Miss Selfridge and when I went this past time I couldn’t get anything sadly because I had like $2 to my name, but everything was just so glittery and beautiful!! I wanted everything in the store. Even the windows were decadent.

Since I got home I have had such a nice time. It’s always nice to see people I havent seen in a while and to see Funroe.  I had not been home in a year! Christmas was lovely as usual, and NYE was unexpected and fun.

So, WHAT DO I HOPE FOR THIS NEW YEAR? A flat in Paris would be a great start!

I leave with these cute cupcake balloon things that were at this festival thin

Adorable Cupcake balloons!!

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