Much Belated Final Thoughts on Paris Fashion Week


Ok, so I got back from PFW last week. It was not as crazy of a schedule as I had during men’s RTW and haute couture this past July. So, my first show was last Monday at the Jeau de Paume located in the Tuileries.


my favortie look and its tres sweet briar


The show was for Agnes B. and it was fun to see everyone outside in their clothes. I guess you could street style is at its height during this time.I am not going to get into crazy blogger fashions that are way to costumey at the moment. However, I have much to say on the subject (check out this blog post I wrote for Le Ninja  clothing . I agree with many writers who have brought the subject in things like NYT for one.)


Anyway, I was glad that their was nothing outrageous outside this show. They always give out free editions of the Women’s Wear Daily, which I addoorrre. Everyone also carrying around this cute tote bag that had the Herald Tribune splashed all over it. I wondered when they were giving those out….

So, when they finally let us into the Jeau de Paume, we were offered Champagne and a little bag with a little booklet full of designer’s inspiration for this season. Sweet! I love getting presents! Normally, its only front row…. (I was second row which I consider quite decent for me!)

the gift bag…literally HAHHAA

So, I was placed in the reserved seating for “Americans” hahahaha. I was right by the press so, I go  good pictures in terms of being close. However, I know they are lacking in terms of quality in regards to my photog skills and my camera, a Cool Pix, is just no comparison to an SLR.

The show overall was one of the more enjoyable ones that I have ever been to. It was also one of the longest! Some of the looks were so French and classic that I probably have versions of them in my closet right now.

loovveeed this model’s hair

However, there were some really weird looks that looked straight off of hippie cult mountain. One girl was even carrying a prop harp as she glided past in a purple floral chiffon kaftan. The first guy out for the final walk was also such a hippie with his long flowing red hair and tufts of grass. Of course, he was dressed in the white robes of the cult leader. Bizzarre.

One look was also an image that has been printed on the cover of the invitation, so that was fun to see.

the invitation shirt

The models were also quite lively and almost tooo model-y. One girl was even yelled by the photogs to keep moving because she had stopped to pose too long at the end of the runway. Anyway. There was even a dancer who moved up and down the catwalk doing some crazy moves. I must say it did break up the monotony of the show a bit.

the one the photogs yelled at
harp girl

crazzy hipppiie leader..with grass…figures


Anyway, that’s all I am going to post for now…youll just have to wait for more to come!

one of my favorite looks from the hippie section



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