Mouse Ears, America, and F21, Oh My!

I am much behind on blogging….I have so much to discuss too. As it turns out, I am glad that ended up going to PFW. I went to some pretty good shows, and there was no need for me to be there the entire ten days. I give MAJOR props to all the editors, photographers, models, etc. who must see/ do at least 200 shows in the course of a month. Yikes. And in heels too.

Anyway, the main reason that spurred my interest in going was because I had to get my computer fixed. It is now on its 4rth hard drive, but it was fixed for free because it was under warranty. After all my troubles (which I will get to later), go figure. So, that took an afternoon to delve in to some much-needed American culturilzation (not a word, I dont care). I went to FOREVER 21!!! wwweeeeee

there it is!!! there it is!!!

I love Forever 21. It’s perfect for girls who love fast fashion at low prices. Its were I buy my trendy stuff (like a high-low skirt) because who wants to actually spend tons money on stuff like that? I sure don’t. So, I hiked out to Velizy 2 and spent at least three hours in F21. I was severely overwhelmed with the giant store- its the only one in France. (On another note, I hadn’t even realized there was one on Oxford Street, but low and behold when you exit the tube there it is!!!! right outside marble arch/Oxford circus- I forget which) In the end I only walked away with three things.

Had to take a picture of this massive Hollister in the same mall as F21. I did go inside, though only to see the live giant webcam they have of Huntington Beach. I stared at it for a good fifteen minutes before realizing the workers probally thought I was little crazy.

I got this dress and I loooooovvvee it. It reminds me of a long formal gown I almost got for a dance. I actually wore my first day of fashion showing along with the jacket I wore to TVFU, ah lala.

So basically I looked like that on Day one only with…..DIY ombre hair…yeah. + my pearls weren’t as long. (though still large).

I also got a lacey green vest and some black jeans. Nothing too exciting, but these are things that will fit in quite well with my wardrobe. I needed the black jeans because my favorite pair are dying.

After spending all day in American heaven because I stopped at Starbucks on the way back, we end up going to the tres Parisian bar in the Marais. It was cute, but everyone knew each other. Parisians do not mingle, so my friend and I left to go to Chatelet where this new bar was open with happy hour all night long. Not bad.

Sunday was a complete surprise! A friend invited me to Disney because she had free tickets! I was so super excited about that! We did all the big kid rides + maybe pirates and the haunted mansion (though it’s called the haunted manor here). So, needless to say, I was exhausted and Americanized out by the time we got back to Paris that night. It was super cute to see it all dressed up for Halloween though!

It was an amazingly pretty day for paris!!
I loved seeing all the pumpkins at Disney! I’ve only ever gone during the summer!

So, that was my Disney adventure. The next day I was locked inside the house due to miscommunication with the co-loc. Luckily, I didn’t have anything planned then, so I did not miss any shows.

Ok, that’s it for now, I’ll talk more about PFW next time.


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