Out with the Old, in with the New!

So, before moving on, I got a very interesting note from the prefecture (the people who handle furinurs like meee). I think that my biggest wish at the moment will come true, and that I will get the visa I wanted! Until, that happens, they at least extended my right to be in the country until December 20. The only bad thing is that I do not qualify for the APL or CAF, I never know what that. Needless to say, I miss my subsidizd 75 euro rent very much. Now, I am paying four times that amount.
Also, I am starting to get my invites to PFW. I really do not want to be there the whole week, so I hope the ones I ended up going to are in a span of a few days. If not, I may pick and choose. I have nothign to wear as usual. I wish I could just wear my Target Missoni dress. Its so cute, but I do not want people to see me in last year’s look!

So, my one of my favorite magazines is Vanity Fair. It has some amazing writers, but it also puts in dishy stuff from a long time ago. There editorials are also very good. When I was in Florence, it was the only magazine I bought because the pictures were great, and the Italian fairly elementary. Plus, its published weekly and only costs a euro or two. I wish America’s was like that!

Anyway, I have often wondered why there was not ever a French version. I actually Googled it to see if it existed, and lo and behold, the world answered me. Articles had not been even posted more then a couple hours when I saw that it was announced that one was being launched! I am sooo excited needless to say!


I think the new EIC sums it pretty well: Its a ” “combination of hard news and glamour.” She said the women felt “they were taken seriously and not just stupid women buying Manolo boots and makeup.” ”

The only bad thing is that it is not weekly. Why cant everyone just do everything the Italians? At least, I will actually be able to understand this version.

Ok next on the agenda: HALSTON!!! I am sooo excited because its coming back according to the LA Times! I find this brand soooo iconic and beautiful. I love their stuff in the 70’s. Nothing compares to its sleek lines and effortless glamour. It was such a jet setting brand. They even made Jackie O’s pill box hat. And MY GOD THE WOMANS MOTHER WENT TO SWEET BRIAR! How is that for a connection, eh?


However, they seemed to die down after the namesake designer died in the early 90’s. It was not until 2009 when a diffusion line was introduced. You may recognize this dress from SATC 2- while the movie was abhorrent, these dresses were my favorite. Really had I known they were Halston at the moment I first saw them, I may have died.

Halston himself and Bianca Jagger

You may know Halston from people like Rachel Zoe or SJP faawning over vintage pieces. I cant blame her because they are exquisite. ( I just want to go on the record that I discovered it on my own free will, people!)

Anyway, check this out if you want to know more. I wonder if they will keep the same design aesthetic or become more urban or preppy pr whatever. I for one hope it retains all of its previous glittered charm.



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