The French Dont Do Glitter + J. Crew Shoes

I have to be honest; I have never really been a shoe person. I like them and love some even, but I wont be spending my last pennies on them. I would rather buy a bag… but that’s for another post.

At home (as in America), I have a lot of shoes. I buy them, and then they sit in my closet forever. In Europe, it’s a whole different story.

I have a bag full of shoes that I need to take to the cobbler because I have worn down the heels so much. Cobblestone streets will do that to you!

Cobblestones will kill you! They last through anything as seen by this Pompeiian path…

I was trying to count in my head how many pairs of shoes I have lost over the past year. It’s probably around 15. This does not include shoes from my first year abroad, or shoes that I am getting fixed.

These fifteen shoes were completely alliterated on my adventures and daily life. My first pair of sandals this summer were melted thanks to a volcano in Santorini. My favorite black flats died in an unexpected rainstorm in Bordeaux.

The stinkin’ (literally thanks to sulfur) and steamin’ volcano island of Santorini

I hat going through shoes so much here, but I do not really have any other options! I would have blamed it on the fact that they were cheap shoes bought from HM or the Chinese shops. However, my very expensive Florentine leather boots are in the hole!

I have not bothered buying expensive shoes because I know they will just die anyway. However, I am beginning to change my mind. When I look at the one pair of flats that have always been there for me, its my leather metallic J. Crew ballerinas.

I own these but in a rose metallic. Even after three years of hard labor, they look good.

Now that I think of it, my J. Crew shoes are the only ones that have lasted through my abuse. The only thing is they can kinda pinch if worn too long. Maybe a couple of Zara pairs, but they can be unpleasant once taken off.

Anyway, enough of my shoe dilemma. I am still on my search for my glitter boots. I may just have to DIY them. Arent they beautiful? I have wanted a pair ever since Miu Miu last fall. Actually, I do own a couple of glitter flats, but I want these!!! or boots!!!  See below.

Miu Miu Late Summer/ Early Fallish 2011 llooooovvveee. I would obsess over these every time I passed them in Florence.

Then, I saw somebody wearing a pair, and I stalked them down to see where the shoes were from. Unfortunately, these Top Shops are from last year. Yet, a few websites have good ideas on how to do it yourself…. We shall see if I can find glitter anywhere in France because somehow the French don’t do glitter.


5 thoughts on “The French Dont Do Glitter + J. Crew Shoes

  1. Becky

    i’m in SW London but going to Bristol on Sunday – I might pop in to town today so I can take a photo for you. They’re really similar to the Topshop ones!

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