Euro! Go back Down Please!

Being a freelance writer is glamorous in the fact that I can write about anything from anywhere. Whats not glamorous? Waiting on a payment to clear. I especially hate when it it’s in Paypal because then it has to wait another 3-4 days before it’s in my account.

However, this week has been a disaster because my hard drive blew AGAIN. I just replaced it in May too!!! So, with that said, I am now poor again because I have to buy a new one and wait to do it until Paypal transfers my money.
So, I had nothing in my in pantry or refrigerator, but tomato soup mix and raped carrots. I needed to go to the grocery store for things that would last me for two days. Here’s the catch! I only had 1.26, but I made it work!

Baguette: .37

Granola: .18

3 Apples: .39

Grapes: .30
I don’t know how this was possible but I did it! I was so proud of myself. I did not have to buy crappy junk food just because its cheaper. Luckily, Auchan was having a promotion on fruit at 99 cents a kilo. That helped a ton! FYI Auchan is French Walmart only with a slight attitude just because its French.

Ok enough of boring grocery talk, but I just wanted to point out that in France you can totally buy healthy food cheaply. I wonder what that 1.26 would have bought me in Ameeerriccaaaahh.


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