Prada in the Middle of the Desert!?


I know I am really behind the times on this, but I am in love with this …. Prada Store- that’s never open.

I was flipping through my COS magazine and found an article on two Sacandinavvian artists who made this “sculpture.” I couldn’t believe that I had never seen it before. I think its just pure genius. Essentially, the store is a Prada store situated in the middle of nowhere on Highway 90 in Texas. It is full of real Prada items from Fall 2005. The store is supposed to melt into the background as it gets older. It will never be repaired. The exception was when it was vandalized three days after its “opening.” I think it must still get beaten up which is too bad. I really want to see it one day!


Anyway, I just thought this was the coolest piece of artwork that I have seen in a while. I like modern art when it is something so outrageous like this. Miuccia Prada even collaborated with the artists to design it!

For those of you who do not know, COS is to H&M what Banana Republic is to Old Navy. Hennes and Mauritz may have skipped over Gap, but there really is no need. COS is an amazing little store with weird designs and really great fabric. Its very….Swedish in its minimalism. I’m not sure if they are in America yet, but there is def. one in Bordeaux!




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