Fashion Conundrum: To FW or not FW? + Vintage Post- TVFU

NYFW started this week. That means the end of the month will be Paris. I should be going, mais franchement, I am not really feeling it.Really, all I am feeling is BLLAAAHHHHH. Fashion just seems so mundane at the moment.

I know I should go…but, I have been in a fashion rut lately. I do not like anything in stores or online. My closest looks so bland and boring! However, with nothing interesting to buy, its going to stay that way. I am ready for fall, but its still too hot outside to think about wearing anything but a crappy tank top and denim shorts.

Plus, I have been a complete mole this summer holed up in my flat working working working. This results in me not wearing real people clothes because all I’m doing is writing all day long. Since I am not living in Paris, I tend not to dress up. I need to get to Paris like stat. I am going slightly crazy being in SW France, but that’s another story.

Sometimes, I wonder if this is the career/ job that I want. It just sort of happened by accident. I have fun with it, and I like that it gives me flexibility to live anywhere. I just do not know where its going to take me. I guess any job is like that, but I do sometimes wish I was going to a board meeting and wearing super slick work wear. Being self employed means you do not have to do that, but I wish it did at times!  That being said I have not really tried to go for any big big big assignments because I have been so stuck into what I have been doing – copy writing, blog posting etc. However, I think I want to change that, and become even more of professional writer/ journalist…if that makes any sense.

The reason I am ranting is because I am thinking about BTS and how I’m not in school anymore. Plus, I also came across my Teen Vogue Fashion University stuff from my senior year. It was so fun, and opened my eyes about career ideas. I posted this a long time ago on my old blog, but I thought I would re-post it here too. Yeahh yeaahhhh its old, so shoot me.

October 2009-

I went to Teen Vogue Fashion University. I have much to say on this subject plus pictures…

Anyway, that being said, I hate New York. I am a little leary of admitting this to the public, but I just dont like it. Ok, I dont HATE it but it just does not appeal to me the way a certain other city do. I want to be bitten by NY trust me I do! I may end up there in the long run and I want to like the way people on TV love it. But I cant, bc that would be cheating on my first love, Paris. Nothing will ever live up to that first one! But to be honest, I dont even think I could learn to love NYC. Its annoying and dirty and not old enough. Go read Badrillard.

(I just had to discuss this in class today and as annoying as that man is, I agree with him for the most part when he says NY is vile and Europe has the ability to choose art and culture. The idea that someone who isnt even very cultured can be sensible in the face of a location, in a place with so much history, Its hard to do that in a land of apple eaters. Not only that, but “The City” is horrendous, I would much rather be going to a beach party then some stuffy socialite tea. But thats just me, at least the American me).

NOW, onto TVFU!!  I searched over and over again for what to wear and finally setteled on the YELLOW cape belted thing from J.Crew over black patent flats, leggings and a lacey mini dress for Friday. Saturday, I wore a mock turtleneck mini dress over tights and fringe boot heels and a Chanel-esque boucle jacket I got the night before that I am slightly obsessed with!

So, Friday, I hopped on a bus and landed in NY around noon. I checked into the Webster, a musty but reliable place on 34th and then explored some of NY. I made my way over to FIT to check out campus and the Grad program I am interested in, the Art Market. No one could really meet with me, so I grabbed some brochures and dashed my way through some extreme fashion poseurs in their dorky glasses, fedora hats and fake Chanel. Ew.

So, yeah next day was the beginning of the Seminars! I checked in a we got a swwaaagg bag in the form of a Le Sport Sac. We got various goodies inside like Pac Sun gift card, coupons, DVF notebooks etc. Then I headed to Conde Nast to my first was Eric Daman Gossip Girl Stylist and Charlotte Russe Creative Director. I really enjoyed hearing him speak. He had studied French Lit at Paris IV! Like Me! and I talked to him briefly about it, and he said he never went to any sort of fashion school but that his passion for the industry is what made him successful. I felt this was good to know that I dont HAVE to go to a Parsons or a FIT.

I actually own this necklace haha

Then I had the Teen Vogue Editor Panel and this was VERY informative. I was one of the oldest kids here, most were in HS and asking about internships when I am looking for the real deal. I asked about positions abroad, namely in Paris (as the whole Lauren Conrad/ going to Paris as an intern is a little absurd!), and Amy Astley, Ed. in Chef, said there weren’t a lot of things available but that school would def. help with connections. I learned so much from the panel and it is really interesting the different paths people can take to the top.

Then we broke for lunch and I didnt know ANYONE, so I ended up hanging out with these girls who I thought were students but they actually were working the event as past interns. One was interviewing for Vogue and another had a billboard in Tokyo. I found them…interesting, as they were quite normal and not any different from I other then the fact that they already interned. They came from all over and had had no previous connections as far as I knew.

Then I was signed up for Cynthia Rowley, who I went to see but I found her a bit of a bore and to self promoting and not enough on her back story. So, I ran back to Conde Nast to see the editorial floor! It was faabbulous, so many shoes everywhere!! and the editors showing us around gave good advice for applying to positions in the magazine (no full head shots to every person on staff!)

I was a little upset bc some of the seminars got REALLY nice swag. Pac Sun kids got a $50 gift card and the Kimora kids got cute things as did the Juicy people. I just signed up for ones I felt were interesting to me, so I got things that way 🙂 And to be honest, I find Kimora…a bit much and I dont like Baby Phat, too ghetto for meeee. And I got to listen to the head designer of HM, nothing special but Jimmy Choo is teaming with them!

Eventually, DIANE VON Furstenburg spoke to us! She was so fun and told us her life story and how her name became synonymous with a wrap dress. She had to build her brand/ empire several times and at the moment she is regarded as an icon and very successful. I enjoyed listening to her and found her very endearing.

End of day one! except for the rain that started to pour as I wondered Times Square. I was so lost and my feet were killing me, but I was determined to make it to the HM event. Only I showed up to the wrong one of 5th avenue!! AHHH. Eventually, I made it drenched but I got my makeup done and I shopped for a while mingling with other guests.  I met a girl who blogs and asked me if I did anything. I was like uhhh, I try! Im not really a fashion blog but I may head that direction. I just dont think I have the time to devout to things as I hardly have time for my day to day life!!

So, then I was exhausted and I made it back to the house after an incredible but long day. Sunday was super short as we just received our diplomas and watched THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE!! It was fabulous and I love Anna Wintour! I think her daughter is hysterical and the fact that she wants to be a lawyer and not an editor is so very funny.

Well, that was my weekend at TVFU! I had so much fun and I highly recommend it if you are interested in the fashion industry.


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