The Offer on the Table

Alright, so I should probably catch up where I left off. However, first things first- what am I doing now since I got back from Spain a month ago? In case you didnt know, I am in the process of extending, securing, bribe-ing etc the french to let me stay in the country. Somehow it worked. In the mean time, I am working on a project and working like mad so I can finally move to Paris FOREVER. Until then, I am still in SW France.


Ok back to Spain.

So our car broke down on the way out of town…..

Thankfully this adorable bilbaoan turned Norwegian man fixed it for us.

Some day I want  a house like this:

So, we were going to this adorable little Spanish town called G___. I am not telling the name because I want no one to go there. Its perfect and there are no Anglophone tourists. Thus, it will remain a secret. Anyway, They drink cidre there like this: (they are very proud of the way they pour!


25 centimes for a beer…


This city is so locaallllll. Not a blond in sight.


I will miss this little town! Its the ideal mix of city and beach.


Woops. I guess you know the name now after all.


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