Spain or Shine

I have been a bad blogger. Not updating regurally is like a sin in this world. Anyway.

What has life been like for me the past week? Unexpected and oh so fun! After I go back from PFW, I got a message from a freind who was going to be in Spain. She suggested I meet her in San Sebastian for some sun and catch up time! We met last year during my 6 month stint in Florence. I had a blast going to bad italian clubs and bici-ing everywhere with this girl! However, she lives in N. America and I never get to see her.

So, I hoped on a quick train ride south. As I live near Bordeaux, the Basque region of Spain is veeerreeee close to me. Like 20 euro close. So, I got into San Sebastian early. I have always had a little crush on this town. From the pinxtos (tappas) to the surf beaches, it is the ideal spot for a quick getaway.

I eventually caught up with my freind and we headed to the hotel. Normally, I am a couchsurfer or hosteler, so the hotel was a nice departure from my usual traveling style. My mother is always asking me when I will stop staying in hostels. She thinks I am too old for that. Little does she know that I am usually one of the youngest in the room I find myself. Moving on.

After some work and relaxartion, we made it into town. There is not too much going on in San Sebastian. You pretty much just go there to look at the old town and the beach. There is a Rio like Jesus on top of a mountain. San S. is also known for its cuisine and weird language. Basque has no direct link to any indo-latin language. So it looks like this: XIOSHAH XADHWEYQDDDXXXXXIIIEZZZ. It has a lot of x’s and o’s.

So, we wander looking for tappas. and sangria. and more sangria. Then, we went to a bar on the beach where we debated David Beckham’s stupidity. I lost.

The next day, my feelings of Donastia/ San. Seb. had kind of faded. It was not as glamerous as I remembered. In fact, it was a little boring. My freind had rented a car, so we went happily to Bilbao.

Bilbao is adoreable. Little old town on the river and giant sculpturized musem= Bilbao. We walked around for a little before going to an amazing dinner at a place called Extanobe. My friend is a chef, and she wanted to experience the local cuisine. Who says no to a Michlein star restaurant??

Extanonbe is located on the terrace of the convention center. We were the first to arrive. I was a little scared because no one else was there. However, it quickly filled up! I loved this place. The service was great, and the food even better. We tried many interesting things from partridge salad to the best gambas I have ever had! It was a very lovely meal. I highly reccomend it should you be in Bilbao!

The egg thing was actually a tomato!!
That crystal sheet thing is a potato!!

The next day, we went to the Guggenheim. It is such a cool building. They also had a great exhibition of David Hockney (never heard of him, but really liked his work!) who painted pastoral scenes of Wales from his ipad!

Then, we went off to lunch at another Michelien star restaurant called Extebarri (I know! I was spoiled!). This place was smack in the middle of no where! It was definately an adventure trying to find it. When we arrived, it was hard to believe that there was a fancy restaturant located in the the Spainish countryside surrounded by cows and farmers. Needless to say, I had high hopes. The food was much more exotic that what I normally eat. The chef specializes in grilling his food. We has sea cucumbers, baby squid, prawns, beef and more! There was so much food! It was quite good too. I cannot say that I would have eaten baby squid in any other circumstance! Between the two, I definately prefered Extanobe. I think the serice, food and ambieance was better. Plus, the chef came out and gave my chef freind a cook book!

sea cucumber

Luckily, I over pack. I was only supposed to be gone for two nights and somehow that turned into 6 days! My little Vera Bradely tote has never had so much adventure!

Ok, Ill blog more later or this will turn into a novella..!

On the road in Spain

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