Paris Fashion Week: “Are You a Buyer?”

Ok! OK! I am doing it. I am finally succombing to the pressures to write a blog. I have been meaning to write one for a while now. However, I just never knew what to write about. I did not know if I wanted to focus on fashion, traveling, or just life in general. So, I am just going to play with this blog until it forms its own identity. I may post any number of things- you will always be guessing!

For my first post, I am going to talk about my latest jaunt to Paris. Words can’t describe how much I love that city, but I am not going to get into that now. Anyway, I was in Paris attending some of the Men’s Summer 2013 and Women’s Haute Couture collections for the fall. This was my first time going to fashion week as a ‘ professional journalist.’ I mean that in the lightest terms possible. That is not to say I am not getting paid for what I will write, but I am no Susie Menkes (big time Herald Tribune fashion editor) just yet.

Anyway, at the very least, it was a GREAT experience! I went to many shows; I felt I learned quite a bit about the industry just watching and listening. For example, at one show I sat next to the next “Marc Jacobs” even though this child looked no more than twelve. I could not tell if I admired his ambition or found him too much talking about how he went to Chanel S/S 2012 last year. ANYWAY.

I adored going to the men’s shows. I have only ever gone to women’s RTW or HC. In the very least, it was so refreshing! The first show I went to this season I felt soooo unprofessional. I was standing with the big time camera people, and all I had was my dorky Nikon. But, I got some pretty good pictures- at least at the menswear shows!

For the next few shows, I sat with the other guests. Once, I was even placed in front row! As dorky as that sounds, it is always nice being in front because you look special (even if you are nothing but a lowly blogger) and you get great photography.

I loved the back of this dress.

The last show was my favorite, but it started at hour late! You could tell people were getting annoyed. There was this odd group of elderly Americans sitting in front of me who had no clue about fashion. They must have just known the right people. Anyway, there was this Asian celebrity next to them, and the Americans were talking to her like she was the babysitter. At one point, one of the Asian celebrity’s asked the American women if they were buyers. The women laughed and replied, “Of course! We are big shoppers! That is what Paris is all about!” I nearly died from trying to keep from laughing out load.

This was from my favorite show. Excuse my brilliant photography skills…

Ok, well that is it for now! I was exhausted after my week of running around Paris trying to get to the shows on time. However, I hope to go to RTW in October!

P.S. I will repost with more pictures once my netbook decides to rejoin the world! Also blog is going through some construction….


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